Introducing RChilli 8.0.0: A More Trusted and Scalable Resume Parser

RChilli is introducing the latest version of its resume parser, RChilli 8.0.0. This version takes a final shape with a vision of developing a more scalable and compatible resume parser. A remarkable feature of this version is that it brings GDPR compliance enhancements and is compatible with govt. taxonomies, and external standardizations.

On this launch, Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli, said, “At RChilli, our motto is to deliver whatsoever our customers expect. Our clients wanted faster changes and development. RChilli 8.0.0 is designed to meet these expectations. Our commitment is to provide

  • latest technologies
  • the capability to quickly release new languages and modules
  • an inbuilt mechanism of recent and reliable technologies of ML

Our latest version builds trust among our users and ensures they get the maximum output from these technologies.” Listen to Vinay Johar as he talks about why RChilli built v8.0.0

Lovepreet Dhaliwal, President of Sales, RChilli, added, ‘The launch of our deep learning module in v8.0 parser is just another step towards our vision to provide the recruitment industry with impactful AI tools that help recruiters and applicants. For the past 9 years, we have made continuous efforts to bring the best and latest in tech and will continue to do so in the future. At RChilli, we are clear on our vision to build AI tools that enable users to rely on our tech for the data processing while they focus on what matters the most, engaging with the best talent and changing lives.’

What’s New in RChilli 8.0.0?

  • RChilli is shifting towards more intelligent technology with its new technology stack. Introducing its new deep learning module through this version, the company aims at empowering its users to work with the best AI+ML technology. As a result, RChilli’s solutions are witnessing a substantial qualitative change.
  • Now, there are 140+ data fields in which the parser can extract resume data.
  • There is a remarkable improvement in the JSON structure. It has become more modular and simplified.
  • There are ontology-driven fields such as category, skill ontology, etc.
  • What’s more? There are significant improvements in the Skills fields.
  • With these new developments, RChilli’s resume parser now has the capacity of processing 3 million resumes per day.

Vinod Bhardwaj, CTO at RChilli, further said, ‘Our new resume parser v 8.0 brings a deeper analysis of resumes with new values and also normalizes JSON tags name.’

Talking from the user perspective, Paramdeep Singh, Head-Marketing at RChilli, said, ‘We created this version with a vision to empower users with an easy onboarding through a scalable resume parser. Our goal is to make the users feel sure that they are choosing the right solution’.

The Magic of RChilli 8.0.0

Fast and accurate resume processing is one of the critical features everyone is looking for. RChilli 8.0.0 makes this possible with its advanced technology. Also, the memory footprint has reduced drastically.

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