Introducing real compensation data, real time with Compdata Edge

Kansas City, Kan. – In today’s compensation market, the only constant is change. Human resources professionals need data that is not only reliable and accurate, but updated frequently to keep up with market trends.

That’s why Compdata Surveys & Consulting is introducing Compdata Edge. Compdata Edge provides trusted survey data from more than 30,000 organizations, now updated continually. So HR professionals can keep their finger on the pulse of today’s competitive job market. It’s real data, real time.

No more waiting for annual survey results to be released to gain access to the most recent compensation data. With Compdata Edge, data will be updated on an ongoing basis with the latest survey submissions. And because the database is refreshed, Compdata Edge customers will be able to view trending reports on the data points most important to them.

“Compensation professionals face many challenges in today’s market, from employee turnover to increased competition to difficulty recruiting,” said Amy Kaminski, Vice President of Business Development for Compdata. “We developed Compdata Edge to give them access to the most reliable database in the market, updated continually. With Compdata Edge, our clients can be confident that the data they use to make critical business decisions is accurate and up-to-date.”

Compdata Edge will be the standard for all Compdata compensation reports in 2018.

Compdata customers will also gain access to a new online user interface. Navigation has been simplified based on customer feedback. Clients can easily export custom reports to PDF and CSV documents. And a streamlined survey participation process will save time and frustration.
Those interested in learning more can visit and sign up for webinars and live demonstrations.

“Compdata has been in the business of helping HR professionals for nearly 30 years, from providing compensation data to engaging in complex consulting projects,” Kaminski said. “Compdata Edge was built to give our clients the best tool available for today’s changing marketplace, all at a reasonable price. We are excited to bring this product to market in 2018.”

About Compdata Surveys & Consulting

Since 1988, Compdata Surveys & Consulting has provided HR professionals with the compensation tools they need to stay competitive. With an extensive pay and benefits database and experienced compensation consultants, we are a full-service firm providing innovative solutions to complex compensation challenges. Thousands of organizations provide data in each of our 12 industry-specific surveys every year, ensuring the reliability of our results. For more information about the launch of Compdata Edge, visit or contact Candice Wolken at (800) 300-9570.