Investor and Staffing Industry Leader, Stuart Olsten, Acquires Majority Interest in HarQen

Milwaukee, WI – June 28, 2017 – Investor and staffing industry expert, Mr. Stuart Olsten, announced the acquisition of the majority interest in HarQen, LLC, a Milwaukee-based talent acquisition software development company.

A HarQen board member for seven years, Stuart Olsten will serve as the executive chairman of the company. He is renowned for his expertise in staffing and knowledge of the human resources industry, leadership skills he will apply to growing HarQen’s Talent Acquisition business.

“HarQen is an innovative company with a cutting-edge platform that continues to revolutionize and streamline the hiring and recruiting process for businesses. HarQen’s digital interviewing applications eliminate the frustration and delayed communication many people experience while searching for employment,” stated Stuart Olsten.

“The use of flexible and convenient digital technology by companies is essential if they want to recruit and hire the best global talent. HarQen is an industry leader in its ability to customize its talent acquisition platform for businesses that recognize the cost and time benefits of incorporating our mobile applications into their recruitment processes,” said Stuart Olsten.

Stuart Olsten appointed Ms. Suzanne Kinkel as president of HarQen. Colleagues for many years, he offered the position to Suzanne Kinkel, a former executive of Olsten Staffing and CEO of The Talent Logics Group, “because of her extensive knowledge and experience in the recruitment industry,” said Stuart Olsten.

“I was honored when Stuart Olsten approached me with this opportunity to lead HarQen as president. Stuart Olsten and I have collaborated on many projects over the years. I have spent my entire career in the recruitment and staffing industry both as a consultant and client, and I recognize the value HarQen’s platform brings to the hiring process.

“I had the opportunity to work closely with the HarQen team while consulting with one of their clients. I saw firsthand the HarQen team’s dedication to improving the hiring results for a company that interviews more than 100,000 candidates a year. My move to HarQen was an easy decision after that experience. There is no limit to where we can go with HarQen’s talent acquisition platform and its customer-focused team,” stated Suzanne Kinkel.

Ms. Lauren Flanagan, managing director of BELLE Capital USA and Phenomenelle Angels fund and member of the HarQen board of directors, said, “I am excited about this opportunity to grow the HarQen platform and brand. At a time of historically low unemployment, the ability to quickly assess and hire top talent is a critical competitive advantage for companies with large hiring needs. Stuart Olsten’s successful track record in the staffing industry and Suzanne Kinkel’s recruitment, sales, and leadership expertise can power HarQen to market leadership.”

Stuart Olsten held leadership roles as chairman and president of Olsten Corporation, a former NYSE Fortune 500 company. He grew Olsten Corporation to approximately $5 billion in combined revenues before selling Olsten’s staffing division to Adecco and spinning off Olsten Heathcare into a new publicly traded company Gentiva Health Services. In 2015, Kindred Healthcare acquired Gentiva Health Services.

Stuart Olsten also served on the boards of both Adecco and Gentiva Health Services.


Since its inception in 2007, HarQen has become the most comprehensive interview provider on the market. HarQen’s talent acquisition platform helps businesses quickly recruit, assess, and hire top talent from around the world by providing customized digital interviewing applications. HarQen’s applications include the following: on-demand video interviews; on-demand phone interviews; live video interviews; phone-only (no Internet necessary) interviews; on-demand SMS/texting interviews; and web-only profile builder interviews (no audio or video). These HarQen applications save companies an average 50 percent of screening time by eliminating office interviews, and give potential job applicants the flexibility to complete job interviews 24/7 at a time convenient for them, creating a mutually beneficial situation for everyone. The HarQen platform can be easily integrated with market leading assessment, applicant tracking, and workflow applications.


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