Is Success More than Just Winning? – In New Book, Interaction Associates Thought Leader Jay Gordon Cone Challenges Leaders to Measure Success Differently

Cambridge, MA March 22, 2011. When is it best — and perhaps necessary — to define success differently than how you typically measure it? The answer depends on whether you’re in a finite or infinite game, according to the latest thinking of Jay Gordon Cone, a senior consultant and thought leader at Interaction Associates (IA).

Cone’s ideas are detailed in a chapter he penned for the just-released book, “Building Leadership Bridges 2011: Leadership for Transformation,” from the International Leadership Association (ILA). The annual volume in ILA’s ongoing leadership series details contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of practitioners and educators working in the field of leadership studies.

Published by Jossey-Bass/Wiley, “Building Leadership Bridges” explores various ideas and methods for researching, imagining, and experiencing leadership across cultures, over time, and around the world.

Cone is a senior consultant and client engagement leader at Interaction Associates, the 40-year innovator of advanced leadership methods. IA specializes in helping clients develop a new type of dynamic leader — the facilitative leader — a strategic, self-aware and collaborative leader who is deeply grounded in methods and skills that promote employee engagement, trust and performance.

Cone’s chapter, called “Authentic Accountability: Tapping the Power of the Infinite Game,” challenges leaders to consider that success may mean something more than just “winning” as it’s most commonly defined or viewed.

“Leaders often ask me to recommend ways to increase accountability in their organizations. It’s as if they’re searching for some process or system that will compel people to become trustworthy,” said Cone. “Accountability is the by-product of leaders connecting an individual’s work to his or her passion.”

About Interaction Associates
Interaction Associates is a 40-year innovator in advanced methods for developing Facilitative Leaders, the exemplary and unique talent within organizations possessing advanced skills in self awareness, strategic thinking, and with a unique capacity to engage others. Facilitative Leaders are adept at addressing complex, interconnected business issues that feature multiple business variable and impact numerous stakeholders. IA has offices in Boston and San Francisco. More info is at:

About Jay Cone
Jay Cone has spent the past 25 years focusing on leadership development and innovation. Prior to joining Interaction Associates, Jay worked in the food service industry as a training manager, Senior Human Resources director and internal consultant. His projects included brand positioning for a start-up chain and strategic restructuring of a $5 billion domestic franchise.

A noted speaker and writer, Jay has presented at the National Restaurant Association’s National Show, The Southwest Food Expo, and the Texas Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation Management Conference. Jay’s articles on leadership development have appeared in Training Magazine, The Training & Development Journal, and The American Society for Training and Development’s Best of Customer Service Training. Jay served on the editorial review committee for David Straus’ book, “How to Make Collaboration Work,” and authored a chapter in the International Leadership Association’s new collection, “Building Leadership Bridges.”

Jay spent five years on the faculty of the Executive MBA program at The University of Texas at Dallas, where he taught innovation and collaboration; he’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems from Saybrook University.

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