JobEscrow Offers Discounted Outplacement Services and Systems to Government Agencies and Contractors Impacted by Sequester Layoffs

Scotts Valley, California / March 21, 2013–JobEscrow, Inc., pioneers and inventors of the Employment Escrow industry, is offering a service fee discount of its patent pending Outplacement JobEscrow(TM) system. Outplacement JobEscrow is the first pay-for-performance outplacement service that helps laid-off federal and state employees/contractors find jobs.

The new outplacement system creates an accountable way for the federal and state governments, and contractors to assist employees laid off due to the deep Sequester budget cuts. The employment escrow technology provided through the site manages a financial reward, in escrow, tied to the resume of the laid off employee. The reward is then made available to a national network of recruiters and employers who help (or hire) the job seeker obtain their next job. If the reward is unpaid, the employment escrow closes and the reward is returned to the government agency/contractor who sponsored the reward.

The Sequester could cause upwards of 700,000 to 1,000,000 employees to lose their jobs. JobEscrow’s new Outplacement JobEscrow service gives government departments and contractors hit with budget cuts “outplacement insurance” that their sponsored reward will help laid-off employees find their next job sooner and more effectively.

JobEscrow works with the laid off employees by linking their résumés to the escrow reward account. The sponsoring government departments/contractors set the term date on the reward in escrow so any unclaimed rewards are refunded to them if the individual isn’t placed in a new job. JobEscrow enables the government and contractors to deliver affordable outplacement with their “employment escrow” pay-for-performance business model.

Outplacement rewards come from all types of sources and are confidential, as such the JobEscrow recruiter and employer network is never given visibility to know if a job seeker, ex-employer, lender, government agency, non-profit, or corporate donation sponsored the reward. This designed layer of confidentiality ensures that the reward circumstances are not disclosed.

“Upwards of one million individuals may lose their jobs as a result of the sequester and they will need assistance with finding new jobs. We are in a painful, new economy that needs fresh and innovative ways to improve employment prospects for the unemployed. Outplacement JobEscrow(TM) is designed to be a part of this new economy. In an effort to assist we are offering a 50% discount of JobEscrow’s normal service fee of $410 to bona fide government agencies and contractors impacted by the sequester.” said Ken Winters, Co-Founder and CEO of JobEscrow.

JobEscrow is the first to market with innovative and patent pending online marketplace applications and services that will transform the outplacement industry by introducing escrow as the new standard process for most outplacement. Watch the video to learn more.

About JobEscrow

Pioneers and inventors of the new “Employment Escrow” industry, JobEscrow creates an online marketplace for employers and recruiters to do business in, where a monetary reward can be offered to those who help laid off employees get their next jobThe patent pending Outplacement JobEscrow(TM) web app creates trusted, social “business” networks where employers and recruiters can do business together in a fiscally responsible way and with hire expectations. For more information, go to