Juice Inc. Helps Genzyme Canada Improve Sales through Enhanced Conversation Skills

GUELPH, Ontario — March 22, 2011 — A typical sales executive spends 50 to 95 percent of his or her time in conversation. By improving conversation methods, sales relationship become less transactional and more relational, leading to increased sales.

Genzyme Canada, based in Mississauga Ontario, is a division of Genzyme Corporation, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. In the intense environment of medical sales, Genzyme general manager, Brian Lewis, wanted to impress upon the sales team that they needed to improve the ability to really listen to and draw the needs out of their customers.

Juice Inc. had trained managers in conversation skills at Lewis’ former pharmaceutical job. Lewis experienced first-hand how Juice’s methods improved sales results. To learn the specifics of Juice’s work with Genzyme, download the case study at http://www.juiceinc.com/case-studies/show/genzyme-canada-improves-sales-through-conversation.

Juice is a training and development company that specializes in increasing employee engagement and productivity. They began by training Genzyme’s sales team using the Pull Conversation tool.

Pull Conversation™ refers to pulling out valuable information from a person rather than making assumptions or pushing information at them. Pull Conversation generates the kind of understanding to create trust, respect and goodwill. Without these critical connections, customers are less inclined to make a purchase.

Additionally, Juice also trained the Genzyme sales team in the Sticking Point Process. The sticking point is defined as the fear, the block, or the objection that stands in the way of a customer saying yes to a sale. The process helps the sales person move beyond that point to close a sale.

“After working with Juice, everybody on our team improved, from our lowest to our highest performer,” said Lewis. “Additionally, Juice helps people communicate much more effectively in any arena of life—not just sales.”

Juice continues working with Genzyme Canada on different levels, including at national sales meetings, specific manager training and sales rep training. Training has also extended beyond the sales department to include the marketing department.

“All sales trainings have a certain value, but the best are the ones which are immediately applicable and motivate the salespeople to refocus on the efficacy of their interventions,” said sales manager Michel Fontaine. “The Pull Conversation/Sticking Point approach surely reaches these goals.”

To learn the specifics of the Genzyme’s engagement with Juice, visit http://www.juiceinc.com/case-studies/show/genzyme-canada-improves-sales-through-conversation.

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Juice Inc. delivers training and development services to increase sales and customer engagement. Juice works with companies that want to build a productive sales culture and understand that interactions between people are major drivers of organizational sales success. Juice’s conversation-enhancing methodology delivers a process for improving the human experience in the marketplace, while driving sales performance and business results. For additional information, visit http://www.juiceinc.com/.


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