Juice Inc. Teaches People to Think Inside the Box with Innovation in a Box

GUELPH, Ontario — April 20, 2011 — Innovative thinking no longer belongs solely to the realms of entrepreneurs and artistic geniuses, thanks to Juice Inc.’s Innovation in a Box.

Innovation focuses on the future and enables companies to seek opportunities and transcend the status quo, but it is often associated with classic brainstorming and is considered the domain of “creative” types. In fact, given the right tools, breakthrough thinking is accessible to everyone in an organization—and to individuals who must innovate on their own. Innovation in a Box™ provides those tools.

“No one really understands what `thinking outside the box’ means!” says Rick Boersma, creator of Juice’s Innovation in a Box™. “It’s not a tool; it’s a nebulous concept.”

In the program, Boersma explains that a box is a good thing. It provides the structure, clarity and tools to innovate effectively. Research demonstrates that a structured approach to innovation leads to a 500 percent increase in useful ideas for an average group, versus a conventional brainstorming session with a “creative” group.

Juice’s process equips participants with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to generate fresh, actionable solutions. The training gives managers and frontline employees the know-how they can use immediately to solve real-time issues or generate their next big idea.

The program encourages creative thinking using the i5 process. The i5 takes the guesswork out of innovation by providing clear direction through the following stages:

• Identification: Focusing on the right opportunities.
• Investigation: Identifying the root causes and contributing factors.
• Ideation: Generating and strengthening new solutions.
• Impact: Choosing the right solution.
• Implementation: Mapping an execution strategy.

“Innovation in a Box frees people from `blank page’ syndrome with a systematic approach that takes the pressure off and enables creativity to flourish,” says Boersma. “The initial successes available through this program create a culture of innovation that lasts long after the training has ended.”

Juice Inc. has created a short new Innovation in a Box video to offer viewers a sneak peek at how engaging and productive the innovation process can be. The video showcases Boersma’s on-the-spot drawing talent and provides a quick, colorful and dynamic overview of the innovation process.

More information about Innovation in a Box™, is available at http://www.juiceinc.com/programs/show/innovation-in-a-box.

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