June Line-Up: HealthCare Consumerism Radio

ATLANTA — June 5, 2012 — The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism Radio Show presents its weekly schedule for June 2012 below. The HealthCare Consumerism Radio show is co-hosted by Doug Field, CEO and Founder of The Institute of HealthCare Consumerism (www.TheIHCC.com) and Ron Bachman, Editorial Chairman. They are joined by special guest health and benefits solution providers to discuss leading edge strategies for navigating within the current, fast-changing marketplace, cutting health care costs and developing a profitable bottom line. The live show airs Fridays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST at http://www.theihcc.com/en/media_center/radio. Archives of every show are also available.


JUNE 1: Broker Spotlight [Podcast Archive]

HealthCare Consumerism Radio welcomes Bernard Health founder Alex Tolbert to the program and his client Sam Shallenberger, CFO of Nashville-based RJ Young, which is the fourth largest distributor of office supplies in the nation. Tolbert and Shallenberger share their story about how Shallenberger ended a longtime relationship with a brokerage firm and chose Bernard Health to help RJ Young move from a traditional health plan to a health savings account (HSA) attached to a high-deductible health plan.

Tolbert, whose brokerage house excels in HSAs, was persistent in gaining Shallenberger’s business and that persistence, along with a shrinking bottom line and a disgruntled workforce, helped pave the way for Shallenberger and RJ Young to move to a consumer-directed health plan and begin saving money after the first year of implementation. Also invited on the program is Kirk Hoewisch, president of HSA Bank. HSA Bank was the administrator of RJ Young’s CDHP.

JUNE 8: Webinar Preview: Reducing Cost for Employers and Employees While Improving Patient Experience

HealthCare Consumerism Radio will explore the growing trend of health advocacy and will welcome John Linss, the founder of MedServ Global, who will discuss reducing costs for employers and employees while improving patient experience. The show will highlight health advocacy how using personal patient advocates, or concierge, to give the patient and his or her family more convenient experience when facing a medical crisis. Linss also will explore the cost-effectiveness of using this strategy and as a tool to bolster an employer’s health plan package. Also invited on the program are Jane Cooper, CEO and Founder of Patient Care and a C-suite member from Health Advocate Inc., the nation’s leading independent health care advocacy and assistance company.

This show is a precursor to the launch of The IHC webinar series, which will be held June 19 and June 21 at 2 p.m. (EDT). The webinar will feature Linss, IHC Founder and CEO Doug Field, MedServ Global CEO Gordon Church and Behavior President Don Doster. Like the radio program, the webinar series is to aid in LEARNING, CONNECTING and SHARING about health care consumerism. The webinar also is free for registered members of The IHC.

JUNE 15: Exploring the Changing World of Pharmacy Benefit Management

HealthCare Consumerism Radio will host a panel discussion on pharmacy benefit management (PBM) that includes a c-suite member from Express Scripts. Express Scripts was in the headlines when the $29.1 billion merger with Medco Health Solutions was completed this spring, creating the country’s leading PBM. Many employers, brokers and consumers were concerned the mega-PBM would lead to higher prescription costs and drug shortages. This show will focus on the PBM industry post-merger and explore the latest trends in the use of discount coupons and using direct mail pharmacies to renew prescriptions to help cut costs.

JUNE 22: How Employers can Utilize Data Analytics to Design a Cost-saving Health Plan

HealthCare Consumerism Radio welcomes Leah Bender, the CEO the Leapfrog Group, who will announce the latest results of her organization’s second annual Hospital Safety Score and will share what the study means for employers and how they can save on their health care benefits by partnering with the right service provider in an employer-sponsored health plan.

The show also will showcase Dr. Wendy Lynch, Co-Director, Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care at Altarum a keynote speaker at IHC FORUM West in Las Vegas, who will share studies in regard to data analytics and how those reports can assist employers to design and implement a health plan and to make their employee population to be better consumers of health care. Potential guests could also include Thomson Reuters or Jerry Noyce, who is the CEO of HERO.

JUNE 29: Get to Know The Members of The Institute

HealthCare Consumerism Radio wraps up the month by showcasing four corporate members of The Institute. Each member receives a 15-minute segment to highlight their thought leadership and share the latest trends and innovations they are introducing in the market of health care consumerism.


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