KellyOCG(R) Partners with Job Pal to Enhance the Candidate Experience

TROY, Mich. – October 10, 2017 – KellyOCG(R), the outsourcing and consulting group of Kelly Services, today announced a partnership with Job Pal, a European start-up company that creates customized chatbots to assist organizations with their recruiting process. As a result of the partnership, KellyOCG is incorporating chatbot technology into its diverse suite of innovative talent solutions.

By using Job Pal’s technology, customized chatbots can enhance the candidate experience while introducing automation to the recruiting process through its artificial conversation capabilities. Automating time-consuming and non-value adding activities also provides Kelly recruiters more time to talk with candidates, a differentiating factor for many applicants.

“Candidate experience, or CX, is how applicants think about, feel about and respond to a company’s recruitment process,” said Tim Pröhm, global Recruitment Process Outsourcing practice strategy lead for KellyOCG. “A strong CX makes the candidate feel valued and empowered. It also delivers a seamless recruitment process powered by high-quality digital capabilities that support the candidate every step of the way.”

Job Pal was co-founded in 2016 in Berlin by Luc Dudler, who currently serves as Job Pal’s chief executive officer. According to Dudler, Job Pal’s strategy is to improve the candidate experience (CX) using chatbots while automating activities in the recruiting process.

“Job Pal enables a recruiting process to operate 24 hours/7 days a week with instant, relevant responses,” said Dudler. “Together with KellyOCG, we are developing a technology experience that enhances the process for candidates and frees up recruiters to talk more with candidates.”

KellyOCG is piloting Job Pal’s chatbots in its digital recruiting process. Through its pilot phase, KellyOCG has found that chatbots augment the recruiter throughout the entire hiring process, speeding up interactions and reducing time-to-hire and overall costs.

Job Pal is used in the candidate experience that is hosted on Kelly’s digital disruption microsite. To learn more about KellyOCG’s use of chatbot technology and how it can help a candidate from the beginning of the application process through onboarding at a new job, please visit For further information about Job Pal’s technology, read this Q&A with Tim and Luc Dudler here.

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