Lack of Employer Brand is a Barrier for HR Departments and Affects ROI – According to New Study by’s Research Institute

When it comes to employer branding and Human Resources (HR) recruitment advertising, many companies are struggling to hire and retain top talent without an effective brand awareness. A new state-of-the-industry report, “The State of Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising 2019: Build the best possible employer brand and get the most out of recruitment advertising campaigns,” from the HR Research Institute reveals that most organizations still lack a well-known employer brand. This lack of attention to building brand awareness is an issue that affects crucial HR responsibilities such as the ability to attract quality job candidates and engage current employees.

Results show that only about one-third (35%) of HR professionals report their organizations currently have a well-known and intentionally created employer brand. Furthermore, only half of those people reveal that their brand does a good or excellent job at attracting quality candidates.

Fully 80% of HR professionals see barriers to the creation of a successful employer brand. A lack of interest from leadership tends to be the biggest barrier to cultivating an effective employer brand, and a lack of financial resources is the next most substantial barrier.

The job of recruiters today is challenging enough considering the intense competition for talent. HR departments are spending too much time spinning their wheels and bleeding money if they can’t attract candidates and keep their employees happy,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of “Companies really need to invest in building a consistent image and messaging for their brand and managing the measure of that.

Organizations with excellent employer brands have advantages in various areas, including with job advertising. “Well-branded” organizations are three times more likely than “less-branded” organizations to rate the return on investment (ROI) of job advertisements as excellent or good.

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The survey, 2019 State of Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising, was fielded in January and February 2019. There were complete responses from 349 participating HR professionals representing a broad cross-section of employers.


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