Latest Article by Impact Achievement Group Teaches Effective Change Management Strategies

SEATTLE — May 3, 2012 — As today’s work world is complex and in continual flux, it requires constant adaptation and an unprecedented acceptance of change. Yet many more change efforts fail than succeed — even when those efforts are critical for an organization’s future success. A new article by Impact Achievement Group explains why this occurs and how to successfully steward an organization through times of change.

“Leading Change: The Challenge of the Hard and Soft Sides” explains the difference between routine and adaptive challenges — those that have no preset prescription or path for solutions. In such circumstances, leaders must examine the thinking that underlies what they do and how their organizations behave in order to sustain success in the future.

“Our ability to question the status quo and our own way of thinking is so atrophied and has become so inhibited in most organizations that successful change efforts are endangered,” said Lee Klepinger, president and chief executive officer of Impact Achievement Group. “We have to learn to continuously put our ways of thinking and our assumptions to the test, to question the efficacy of yesterday’s truths, and to do so before they fail.”

Leaders at every level of the organization need to understand why creating a sense of urgency is a crucial, necessary component of any change effort, and the pitfalls of relying too heavily on rationality. Readers will learn:

• The necessary role emotions play in creating and managing change
• How to address an organization’s sacred cows
• A seven-step framework for change management

“Leading Change: The Challenge of the Hard and Soft Sides” is available now for complimentary download.

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