Latest Contract Talent Research from Beeline & HCI

Washington, D.C. – June 1, 2011 – The Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for strategic talent management, announced today the preview of an original research report from HCI and Beeline, market leader in flexible workforce solutions, focused on contract talent and its current state. The report addresses how factors like economic conditions, unemployment, and contingent program maturation influence why and how companies use contract talent.

With the flux in economies around the world, the style of talent used inside of organizations is a hot topic. Yet many organizations still see contract labor as a short-term solution rather than an integral part of their talent management strategy. How are organizations responding to upheavals in the market and how are they using contract talent as a part of that response?

The initial findings were featured in a panel session featuring leaders from both HCI and Beeline at the sold-out Strategic Talent Acquisition conference on May 17 in New York City, where participants received previews of the report. A webcast is scheduled on June 21st from noon – 1:00 pm Eastern to present the findings to HCI members and guests.

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