Leadership for What? Re-Imagining the Big Picture Interaction Associates to Co-Host Unique Colorado Event Exploring Leadership and Sustainability

Boston, MA, March 4, 2011 — The 40-year innovator of advanced leadership methods, Interaction Associates, is joining other leadership and sustainability experts to co-host a unique event exploring the intersection of leadership and sustainability.

The event, “Leadership for What? Re-imagining the Big Picture,” is scheduled for March 15, 2011 at the Denver Museum of Science in Denver, Colorado. The invitation-only experience is co-hosted by Interaction Associates (IA), the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), DSW Collective, and Elumenati — the company that created the immersive learning environment called the GeoDome.

“Leadership for What?” is focused on 21st century leadership — that calls for leaders to move beyond the current paradigm of success to a more holistic vision for prosperity, which in turn demands new skills and networks.” said Ashley Welch, director of the leadership and sustainability practice at Interaction Associates.

At “Leadership for What?” IA will facilitate a dialogue among participants about systems thinking, business innovation that will evolve out of the current global sustainability challenges, and the leader’s challenges and role in shaping our future.

Event participants will meet first in the GeoDome – a portable planetarium – where they will take a visually immersive “tour” of the universe, and then look specifically at water trends that are affecting our sustainability as individuals, businesses and as a community. The purpose of the session is to use the visually dynamic environment to catalyze more systemic thinking, greater reflection, and deeper knowledge about current issues. The interest is to create an intentional intersection between sustainability and leadership development for the purpose of developing innovative, future leaders who are savvy business leaders and stewards of existing resources.

About the Event Co-Hosts:

Interaction Associates is a 40-year innovator in advanced methods for developing Facilitative Leaders, the exemplary and unique talent within organizations possessing advanced skills in self awareness, strategic thinking, and with a unique capacity to engage others. Facilitative Leaders are adept at addressing complex, interconnected business issues that feature multiple business variable and impact numerous stakeholders. IA has offices in Boston and San Francisco. More info: www.interactionassociates.com

DSW Collective is a consultancy that brings together a wide range of strategy experts with complementary backgrounds, focused on the alignment of organizational values and principles with the development and implementation of practical yet aggressive systemic sustainable design strategies. More info at: www.dswcollective.com

The Center for Creative Leadership is a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that develops better leaders through its exclusive focus on leadership education and research. www.ccl.org.

Elumenati — is a design and engineering firm, creating innovative solutions for immersive visualization. “We’re obsessed with developing simple, effective systems and novel applications of immersion and interactivity.” The organization produces domes, projectors and software to be used in multiple environments. www.elumenati.com

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