Leading Manufacturing Company Selects CRG emPerform for Strategic Succession Planning and Goal Management

Propulsys Inc., a leading manufacturer of hydraulic drive products, has selected CRG emPerform™ to globalize its performance management processes and build an effective succession planning strategy. Based out of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Propulsys Inc. relies on its global team of over 500 employees to deliver world-class products and customer service. Propulsys plans to use emPerform to ensure that company-wide performance expectations are consistently aligned with corporate objectives, and that succession gaps can be identified and addressed in an efficient manner.

“Succession planning and setting performance goals are critical processes that challenge a manufacturing company every day,” said Larry Dean, Global Director of Human Resources for Propulsys. “Using accurate performance data as a basis for succession forecasting and decision making is critical to our success and will save countless dollars in future training and development.”

Prior to selecting emPerform, Propulsys relied on a manual form-based appraisal system for evaluating employee performance. The overall process was not effective for a global workforce and the standardization of performance evaluations was impossible. “Clearly our processes had to be automated,” continued Larry. “We looked very hard at four different software vendors and selected emPerform for the fact that succession planning capabilities were built into the software versus having to buy constant upgrades or additional modules. Getting an all-in-one solution was a big cost-saver for our company”.

“Using emPerform, our employees will have a simple and consistent evaluation process and a better understanding of how their performance contributes to company goals,” said Larry. “We have several business units and emPerform provides real-time visibility into the performance health at every level within the organization”.

When asked about the implementation process, Larry commented, “Implementing emPerform was made much easier due to experience and diligence of the emPerform support team. They were very patient in helping us re-do and define a very critical process [talent management and succession]. User adoption was as expected — some employees resisted a different process but after they used the system, they have been receptive and even complimented the ease-of-use and accessibility”.

CRG emPerform comes standard with the nine-box talent matrix for succession planning. Performance metrics and potential data from appraisals, self-assessments, 360 reviews and surveys are automatically fed into emPerform’s Succession Manager and gives managers and HR a snapshot of the performance health of their organization. Employees ready for advancement can be easily identified and employees in need of development can be addressed. Results from the Succession Manager can be monitored in real-time or exported for decision making. Succession Manager comes standard with emPerform. Customers are not charged extra for this powerful functionality.

About Propulsys Inc.

Founded as White Hydraulics, Inc. in 1977 by Harvey and Hollis White, Jr. and now in its second generation of family ownership, Propulsys has become a leading manufacturer of hydraulic drive products — low-speed high-torque motors, orbital steering, axial piston pumps, brakes, and accessories. With wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Hopkinsville, KY, and Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, as well as sales and distribution offices in the US, China, and Europe, over 520 Propulsys employees serve customers around the world. In addition to the core hydraulic drive business, the Propulsys companies also include White Drive Products, Inc., K Products, Inc., White Staffing Management, Inc. and a joint-venture, Peerless Manufacturing (Zhenjiang) Co. Ltd. http://www.propulsys.com/

About Corporate Renaissance Group

For over 20 years, Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) has been a global provider of innovative business solutions that improve business performance and increase efficiency. CRG is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices throughout Canada, South Africa, India and the United States. For more information, visit www.crgroup.com

CRG emPerform is an all-inclusive Performance and Talent Management solution, one of many solutions offered by CRG. This all-in-one suite includes robust functionality to simplify and automate core talent management processes, including: performance appraisals, compensation management, 360 degree multi-rater feedback, succession planning and reporting and analytics. CRG emPerform has a diverse customer base within sectors that include professional services, not for profits, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality and public sector. For more information regarding CRG emPerform, visit www.employee-performance.com.

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