Leading Massachusetts Career Transition Firm ClearRock Launches Insala's Outplacement Software, EmploymentTalk

Insala, the global leader in career transition and talent development solutions, announces the successful deployment of Insala’s outplacement software solution, EmploymentTalk, with Boston-based coaching and outplacement firm, ClearRock, Inc., resulting in ease and efficiency of program administration while facilitating company growth.

“We ensure that our services keep up with the times. Companies are looking for career transition programs that offer a combination of personalized ‘high touch’ job search assistance plus online ‘high tech’ resources including career exploration and planning assessments with real-time results, job leads, and specialty research resources accessible from anywhere,” said Peggy McHugh, senior vice president and chief operating officer for ClearRock.

ClearRock is harnessing the power of Insala’s EmployementTalk platform to better serve their candidates’ needs in the digital era, customizing it to fit the company’s highly successful career transition process. 

After a series of investigatory meetings and consultations, Insala was chosen as the online outplacement solution provider, and ClearRock has received substantial training through a successful implementation. Since bringing on the EmploymentTalk system, ClearRock has been able to integrate the EmploymentTalk tools into their outplacement delivery processes. This will increase reporting efficiency and ensure that ClearRock’s services help outplacement candidates to transition smoothly to new careers, supported on all fronts with individual consulting services and the industry’s standard in best practices online.

“Our Account Manager at Insala was accessible and willing to spend the time necessary to get us up and running. EmployementTalk’s base system is very robust and the tools are wonderful. But, we decided to take advantage of the system’s flexibilities after learning how we could change things ourselves. We are known for our hands-on processes, and we wanted them complimented by processes in the system,” said McHugh. “Insala allows us to do what other providers could not.”

McHugh found that Insala’s online outplacement solution helps with the administrative burden of running an outplacement business, enables consultants to better support jobseekers, and allows for truly virtual programs without losing the hands-on touch. “We’re looking forward to continually improving how our EmploymentTalk system fits into ClearRock’s delivery process,” says McHugh.

About Insala
Insala is a leading global provider of Web-based software for organizations implementing career development, career transition and mentoring solutions . Insala solutions power people during their transition and the organizations that employ them. Insala career transition solutions include best-in-class tools to organize and execute a successful job search campaign.  The EmploymentTalk SaaS platform can support a truly virtual outplacement program. For more information about Insala’s outplacement solutions, please visit http://www.employmenttalk.com or http://www.insala.com.

About ClearRock
ClearRock is a Boston-based executive coaching and outplacement firm that is recognized for genuinely caring about the people we work with. We customize our approach to each individual and our track record speaks for itself – repeat business, long-lasting client relationships, rapid re-employment for our outplacement clients, and numerous advancements for our coaching clients. Our goal is to become long-term advisors to our clients and their employees, while providing the highest quality career consulting and executive coaching services in the industry. For more information, visit http://www.clearrock.com