LifeMoxie Presents Campaign to Promote National Mentoring Month

Month-Long Campaign Aimed at Driving Workforce Performance and Engagement

[RED BANK, NEW JERSEY] – To raise awareness about the importance of mentoring for employee effectiveness and organizational success, LifeMoxie Mentoring is presenting a month-long campaign to promote National Mentoring Month. A series of complimentary events will give business leaders a first-hand look at how mentoring drives workforce performance and engagement at all levels.

The series of events include:
– Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 9:00am PST / 12:00 noon EST, LifeMoxie Mentoring is presenting a Virtual Mentoring Leader Panel where 3 mentoring leaders will peer-mentor participants with specific strategies to kindle their mentoring program success.
– Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 9:00am PST/ 12:00 noon EST, LifeMoxie Mentoring is hosting a complimentary mentoring webinar where participants will discover key strategies for leveraging the power of mentoring to increase the impact of development on productivity and effectiveness.
– All month long, LifeMoxie Mentoring is inviting leaders to join The Mentoring Council, an online community exclusively for mentoring leaders where they can engage with peer mentors to discover best practices, strategies, resources, and research. Members learn from others how to use mentoring to drive key business strategies. Registration is free at

“Mentoring Month reminds each of us about the power of mentoring in our own success. We never accomplish anything on our own – we succeed on the shoulders of others who share their experiences to contribute to ours. Even people we never meet can mentor us through their actions, their speeches, and their writings,” explains Ann Tardy, Founder of LifeMoxie Mentoring. “This month-long event forces us to think about how we have benefited from mentoring, while encouraging us to influence forward by sharing our experiences and wisdom with others. National Mentoring Month recognizes the contribution people make to each other.”

To more register for the complimentary events, visit For more information on this campaign, visit their website at

Media Contact:
Christina Soffer-MacCarrick
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
LifeMoxie Mentoring

About LifeMoxie Mentoring: From Silicon Valley corporate attorney to mentoring expert and middle leader enthusiast, Ann Tardy reveals how evolving people can accelerate the success of business objectives. She has helped spark mentoring and empowered leaders in the middle at companies such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Kaiser Permanente, and Scotts Miracle Gro. Ann is the author of many books, including Why Mentoring Matters – How Smart Leaders Mobilize Relentless Leadership. In 2011, Ann cycled from San Francisco to New Jersey to film Work Matters, a documentary exposing what people love about their jobs and their managers. At LifeMoxie Mentoring, organizations are equipped to sustainably and effectively develop people to support objectives by using a strategic approach to mentoring.