Like A PhD in Your Pocket: Award-Winning HR Technology Provider Causecast Just Disrupted Workplace Giving and Volunteering with New AI Predictive Analytics Solution

BURBANK, CA, March 16, 2017 – Causecast, the leading workplace giving and volunteering technology provider for innovative, purpose-minded companies that span the Fortune 500 and beyond, has announced the launch of Causecast IMPACT AI, the industry’s first real-time artificial intelligence and predictive analytics solution for CSR professionals.

At the core of Causecast’s groundbreaking new tool is a benchmarking and predictive analytics component that empowers managers to make better decisions and react more quickly to employees in shaping volunteering and giving programs. Causecast IMPACT AI effectively adds another member to corporate teams, one that serves as a coach, communications champion and confidante, all rolled into one.

“Traditional reporting is fundamentally about peering into the past,” said Ryan Scott, CEO and Founder of Causecast, “but real impact comes from stellar daily execution and mindful strategic planning around what’s next. We saw an opportunity to free up management time and improve ROI by applying bleeding-edge technology to transform the way giving programs are conducted. Causecast IMPACT AI is like having your own Virtual Strategic Data Partner — and it’s like nothing that’s ever existed before in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Causecast developed its new product as a response to the challenges Social Responsibility managers face when trying to improve their programs year after year. Tasked with the difficult work of running the day-to-day of their sustainability, volunteering and giving programs — typically as soloists and often as just one part of their day job — they’re often so bogged down in administrative minutiae, they simply don’t have time to make the impact they know they’re capable of.

“We all believed that by offering world-class benchmarking and tapping into two of the hottest trends in Human Resources technology today — predictive people analytics and artificial intelligence — we could dramatically simplify life for CSR leaders and transform the way CSR programs are run today,” said Laura Plato, Causecast President and COO, and executive sponsor of the IMPACT AI initiative.

Causecast IMPACT AI aligns with Causecast’s continued commitment to helping organizations dramatically uplevel the social good they are able to do in the communities they serve. By offering more sophisticated data analysis than what’s currently on the market and empowering program managers to drive strategy, improve results, and take quick and thoughtful action, the new AI is projected to reduce the time program managers must spend on lower impact and less engaging efforts by at least 30%, and to help increase participation by 25%. With this virtual data partner powering departments, Causecast also estimates that the cost savings for customers will be no less than $70,000 per year.

Designed to simplify life for busy managers who seek to increase employee participation, particularly amongst Millennial employees, the new Causecast IMPACT AI includes:

-Sophisticated real-time program analytics for unprecedented flexibility and simplified communication
-Innovative benchmarking to assess performance against internal and external practices
-Detailed insights to empower local champions and promote faster decision-making
-An Artificial Intelligence Coach that helps leaders know what actions to take, when, and how, to drive employee motivation and engagement

The market readiness is apparent: of the over 7,000 organizations surveyed in the Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report from Deloitte University Press, 32 percent felt they were ready to begin implementing people analytics, a jump of 24 percent from 2015. Prior to the development of the Causecast IMPACT AI, data for day-to-day CSR execution has been vastly untapped, and AI has not been incorporated at all.

“As a former employee giving and volunteering and Foundation manager myself,” said Plato, “I’ve experienced first-hand how difficult the task of running a global program with limited data and lower quality tools and resources can be. Causecast continues to build on our core brand as a caring, risk-taking, innovative technology company, and sets the bar for what the workplace giving and volunteering technology of the future must include to be truly impactful.”

Causecast IMPACT AI is currently available in exclusive limited release to current Causecast customers and is being made accessible to select early adopters through an application process on the company’s website.

Application to join the limited early release of the Causecast IMPACT AI may be made at

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