Local Employee Assessment Company Integrates iCIMS Applicant Tracking System

November 8, 2016 – Waco, TX: Talexis LLC., a local employee assessment company, is abuzz with the excitement of integrating with iCIMS applicant tracking software (ATS) in order to better serve their network of mutual clients, and improve the quality of experience for the end user. With the adoption of the new technology, recruiters will be able to access all data on a single platform with the convenience and efficiency the foremost ATS provides.
iCIMS is among the best applicant tracking systems in the industry. With over 3,200 customers, and over 1 million users worldwide, iCIMS has the scope and the experience to assist any company in streamlining their recruiting department and improving the overall quality of the hiring process. Their superior technology, coupled with their attention to customer service make iCIMS a center of influence within the field, and provides an uncomplicated, efficient experience for both the customer and the end user.
The integration will allow Talexis clients to reduce time-to-hire while simultaneously improving hiring quality by utilizing the Talexis suite of employee assessments. In addition, the end-user will enjoy a seamless, hassle-free application experience. Talexis CEO Joe Kistner looks forward to the potential that lies within the partnership, stating “Integrating our existing platform with iCIMS consolidates all data from across the enterprise into one simple location, as well as allowing us the opportunity to improve the end-user experience. We know that the integration will benefit not just Talexis but the people we serve, and we look forward to collaborating with iCIMS to provide more convenience and quality to our clients.” Clearly, with iCIMS at their side, Talexis is poised to become a major player in the employee assessment industry.

To learn more about Talexis employee assessments, interested parties can visit www.talexis.com.

Headquartered in Waco, Texas, Talexis provides workforce assessments for upper-level, mid-level, and entry-level employees. The company’s Talassure employee assessment products enable business leaders and human resources professionals to attract, onboard, engage, and retain their most valuable talent. In addition to job matching and job fit capabilities, Talassure helps organizations identify and empower high potentials, engage in succession planning, and improve leadership development activities. Talexis delivers these solutions through its Alliance Partners, a nationwide network of talent solutions professionals.