Louis Carter, Renowned Expert on Leadership and Management, Launches Most Loved Workplace

NEW YORK—October 16, 2020Louis Carter, CEO of Best Practice Institute and author of more than 11 books on leadership and management, today announced the launch of his new venture, Most Loved Workplace (MLW). Based on research, practice and the assessment of thousands of companies from around the world, MLW offers a certification process and management methodology aimed at improving organizational performance by increasing employees’ emotional commitment to a great workplace. The concept is rooted in ideas found in Carter’s new book, In Great Company.

“We are not only bringing out another way to measure companies,” Louis Carter explained. “We are also creating a new way of thinking about how to analyze our companies.” The research underpinning MLW found a connection between the Most Loved Workplace (MLW) audit and employee commitment, innovation and performance, both individual and sales. The analysis measured the combination of the MLW and a personality measure. When combined as a suite of assessments, the tests emerged as over three times more powerful than using a personality assessment by itself. Therefore, statistical evidence shows that MLW is a reliable and valid predictor of key organizational outcomes.

Carter is the creator of the best practice validation process for leadership development, having brought it to prominence in the late 1990s along with thought leader Warren Bennis. He published his first book Best Practices in Leadership Development with John Wiley and Sons and Warren Bennis in 2000. Louis Carter subsequently researched and wrote Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Development, Best Practices in Knowledge Management, Best Practices in Leading the Global Workforce, Best Practices in Talent Management, and The Change Champion’s Field Guide.

He has performed significant research in the field of organizational behavior which studied the effects of employee emotional sentiment toward an organization as a predictor of performance. His work has informed companies on ways to become more resilient regardless of physical distancing. Carter was named a top 10 Organizational Culture Professional on the 2019 Global Gurus list.

MLW is augmenting its research with a proprietary software tool that is now in development. The tool balances any organization trying to pack the assessment with people who just support rather than give accurate analysis. In addition, the company is creating a new movement of MLW Coaches who will help fill the gap between companies who score low and who want to get even better and grow.

For more information, visit https://mostlovedworkplace.com/research/






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