LVM Systems and ORCAS partner on Hospital Readmission Reduction Project

LVM Systems, the industry leader in healthcare call center software solutions, has announced it has partnered with ORCAS, a healthcare technology company and developer of customized disease management solutions, to develop a healthcare-call-center-focused approach to hospital readmission reduction.

“We believe we have the best healthcare call center software in the industry, and ORCAS is doing some innovative work in the field of disease management,” said Mark Dwyer, Chief Operating Officer at LVM. “Focusing each organizations’ strengths, we have created what we believe will be a highly effective program.”

The program, called Release with CareTM, features LVM Systems’ Centaurus software and ORCAS’ disease management / behavior modification approach, which includes patients’ personal caregivers in the healing process.

“Hospital readmission is just one of the many factors that drive higher overall healthcare costs,” said Theresa Mulvihill, Director of Product Development and Marketing for ORCAS. “Release with CareTM helps family caregivers, hospital call center workers and disease management companies to prevent relapse and readmission.”

Release with CareTM currently serves patients who suffer from heart failure, and soon will also address acute myocardial infarction and pneumonia. Additional chronic conditions will be included in the future.

The program is available to healthcare systems or third-party healthcare call center vendors.

“Hospital readmission has become a widely discussed topic,” Dwyer said. “Our program uses proven software and clinical approaches that include not only patient engagement, but caregiver engagement as well. Having the patient’s caregiver involved increases the likelihood of compliance with post-discharge guidance.”

About LVM Systems

LVM Systems, Inc., a privately held, Mesa, Ariz.-based company, develops and markets software and related Internet products exclusively in the healthcare call center industry. Its primary niche is solutions that support hospital readmission reduction, nurse triage, disease management, referral/marketing services, patient transfers, and physician relations management. LVM Systems has proudly served this market since 1988 and has hundreds of healthcare organizations as clients.

ORCAS is a healthcare technology company that creates self-management products to improve physical and emotional well-being. ORCAS brings over 20 years of experience combining behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to create a simple, social, and fun experience for the user. The majority of ORCAS programs are funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program. All ORCAS products undergo scientific validation studies. Our mission is to create a culture of health, one life at a time.