MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc to Use Questis for Digital Financial Wellness

Charleston, SC. & Burlingame, CA (Nov. 7, 2017) — Questis is excited to announce today that MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc, a financial planning firm with multiple offices nationwide, has joined the ever-growing list of Questis Service Providers. MainStreet Financial Planning will offer a digital financial wellness platform powered by Questis to their enterprise clients immediately. MainStreet first entered the business of financial planning to help people understand their money better and to help them to take tangible action toward reaching and surpassing their life goals. In line with that vision, MainStreet Financial Planning sees Questis as a forward-thinking digital enhancement to their b2b marketplace; and believes comprehensive digital wellness is an essential part of any company’s success story.

“I found my life passion in helping people through financial planning,” said Anna Sergunina, CFP(R) CEO, MainStreet Financial. “And I’m thrilled MainStreet has found such a like-minded partner in Questis. At MainStreet Financial Planning, we’re fiduciary driven at our core. We constantly work to live to our mission of helping people. With Questis, we can do more than ever before and we’re really looking forward to scaling the b2b side of our business in the years to come. Questis has undeniably expedited both our timeline and the breadth of our offering.”

Questis’ digital financial wellness platform is designed to enhance existing financial wellness offerings or power entirely new ones. With configurable features including account integration, goal setting and progress, content delivery, advisor scheduling, action items/to dos, and more, MainStreet’s Financial Wellness offering, powered by Questis, provides a clear digital roadmap to help their clients and their employees make tangible progress toward financial well-being.

MainStreet Financial Planning is focused on bringing innovation and value to employers. By helping empower their customers’ employees financially, they will improve talent retention rates, increase worker productivity, and grow participation in employee benefit programs.

“The integration of Questis and digital financial wellness into our existing platform is not just about something we’re selling separately,” said Ryan Donahue, Director of Operations, MainStreet Financial Planning. “The reality for our customers is that now our partnerships have even greater potential. With Questis, we can now improve and optimize the vital business metrics they care about faster and better. I, for one, can’t wait to see what the next 12 months bring.”

“MainStreet Financial Planning is a perfect partner for us,” said Steve Wilbourne, CEO, Questis. “With their people first commitment to their customers and commitment to excellence, coupled with our ability to give their customers exactly what they need, we can power totally unique experiences that make real change happen. We really can – and are – making a strong impact in people’s financial lives – and that is something I’m really excited about.”

About MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc

MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc. is an independent, fee-only financial planning firm founded in 2002. We passionately believe that financial planning advice should be accessible to people from all walks of life. As a company, we don’t sell financial products and we don’t manage assets. Our job is to provide our clients with comprehensive financial advice to empower them to make smart financial decisions. Go to to learn more.

About Questis

Questis is the only configurable financial wellness platform built for the enterprise. With secure, scalable architecture, fueled by integratable features and advisors’ personalized coaching, Questis, via our service providers, gives financial planners and users alike a clear digital roadmap to reach and surpass their financial goals. Founded by experienced financial advisory professionals, the Questis platform harnesses the power of software to offer the configurability necessary to work within any business model. Now, anyone looking to offer financial wellness as a service to their customers can do so simply, and to their requirements, to inspire real, quantifiable change in financial health and wellness. Learn more at

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