Management Mentors Launches "Anytime Mentoring" and Other Enhancements to MentoringComplete

Chestnut Hill, MA, May 1, 2012 — Management Mentors, a company that designs and implements world-class business mentoring programs for companies, nonprofits, and universities, announced its newest feature, Anytime Mentoring, as part of its most recent round of enhancements to its proprietary e-mentoring software, MentoringComplete.

In addition to Anytime Mentoring, other MentoringComplete enhancements include an improved design that’s more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, better “Program Connections” display, easier to use “to-do” list functionality (users can add a “to-do” from any screen), and enhanced profile picture capabilities.

Rene Petrin, founder and president of Management Mentors, said that most of the enhancements that the company made to the software resulted from customer feedback. “We listen closely to what our customers need. After all, they’re the ones using our mentoring software day in and day out. Our goal is to make the user experience as easy as possible so that people can focus on their mentoring relationships or managing the program, as in the case with program managers. This latest round of enhancements reflects specific requests from our core customer base.”

When asked about Anytime Mentoring, Petrin added, “I don’t usually become attached to buzzwords, but the so-called ‘talent crunch’ is a very real issue facing organizations today. The solution is a lot simpler than people realize—it involves nurturing your existing talent and getting your most talented people to share their skills with others. Anytime Mentoring fosters this sort of relationship by connecting someone who is in need of short-term mentoring, and often for something very specific, with another person who has expertise in that specific area. This tool allows people to connect within the organization with a few simple clicks of a mouse, making it easier than ever for people to share knowledge with one another.”

About Management Mentors
Since 1989, Management Mentors has been designing and implementing world-class corporate mentoring programs and helping companies attract and retain high potential employees. Based outside of Boston, Mass., Management Mentors’ corporate mentoring programs develop future leaders and create a more diverse workforce by removing the barriers to equal opportunity. Current and past clients include FedEx, Enterprise Holdings, Unilever, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), City of Tallahassee, Bombardier, Inc., Quaker Oats, Schering Plough, TJX Corporation, and Sony Music Corporation. Visit the Management Mentors website for additional information: