Managers and Leaders Learn How to Become Effective Leaders with New Leadership Blook

Waco, TX. August 12, 2013 – Leadership assessment solutions provider, Profiles International, announced it has developed a new Leadership Blook titled “Become an Effective Leader.” The term “blook” is a combination of a blog and a book.

The “Become an Effective Leader” blook was published from a series of timely and relevant blogs that appeared on the popular Workplace 101 Blog over the past year. The Leadership Blook is targeted to managers and leaders, who want to learn how to prepare individuals for management roles, identify potential leaders, avoid mistakes when leading people, manage difficult employees and more. The specific topics covered include:

– The Top 10 Emotionally Intelligent Fortune 500 CEOs
– 10 Leadership Tips for First Time Managers
– 10 Important Questions to Help Identify High Potential Leaders
– 18 Quick Ideas for Motivating Employees with Quirky Personalities
– How to Be an Effective Manager
– 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership
– Would Your Troops Follow You Into Battle?
– What Do All Thought Leaders Have in Common?
– Managing Jerks, Divas, and Hotheads in the Workplace

“The Leadership Blook offers a valuable collection of information for managers,” said Michael Wilk, vice president, corporate marketing, Profiles International, Inc. “It’s full of helpful tips, practical guidelines, expert advice and interesting insights that managers can use to hone their leadership skills in their personal and professional lives.”

Interested parties can download a free, no obligation copy of the Leadership Blook here.

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