Marketing Resources Solutions Survey: Nearly 2/3 of High-Level Marketing Professionals Are Unhappy In Their Current Position

Marketing Resources Solutions (, a professional marketing services company, recently surveyed high-level marketing professionals and found that nearly two-thirds of individuals are unhappy in their current position.

“As the job market recovers, recruiting, retaining, and developing a high-performing team of people can be a challenge,” said Marcia Pellicone, founder and president of Marketing Resources Solutions. “Understanding why employees are dissatisfied and what they are seeking in the workplace can help companies retain and attract highly skilled marketers.”

Marketing Resources found the top reasons for unhappiness to be, low salary (50%), lack of career growth (46%), and difficult work environment (29%). Although low salary was the number one reason employees were unhappy, Marketing Resources discovered that happiness can be attained by more than a salary increase. The top three wants/needs of today’s professional marketers included, career advancement opportunities/a strong career path (55%), compensation package (healthcare insurance, bonus plan, etc.) (51%), and the ability to achieve a work-life balance (50%).

Simple steps companies can take to help boost employee morale and avoid future retention issues include providing:

-Career growth opportunities and clearly defined career paths. Helping employees improve on their hard and soft skills can aid in retaining top talent as well as promote innovation, which can lead to higher productivity. A win-win for both the employer and employee.

-Appealing benefits. Benefits can be a powerful retention tool. Examples of no-cost benefits that can help retain employees include flextime, telecommuting, and flexible spending accounts for childcare.

-A positive and supportive workplace. It’s no surprise that employees stay healthier and perform better in a positive work environment. Well-defined projects, metrics, expectations and accountability, along with supportive bosses, can be essential to providing a positive and productive work environment. Mentoring programs also can provide employees with support and confidence in their workplace.

-Additional resources. In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, it is essential for marketing teams to stay focused on consumer needs without worrying about staffing constraints. Having a combination of full-time and contract professionals in addition to support for insourcing/outsourcing select projects helps marketing departments stay flexible. With the appropriate amount of staff and support, the company will be able to focus on its top priorities and drive results.

“As the business climate continues to improve, top talent will have opportunities to seek out different career opportunities that meet their wants and needs,” said Pellicone. “Companies who have an understanding of what their employees need and start taking action on providing those needs will have an easier time holding on to their top performers and avoiding future retention issues down the road.”

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