Marriott Presents Career Journey Online

SEATTLE, WA., July 24, 2012: Ouellette & Associates and RealTime Performance today announced the presentation of Marriott’s IT Career Journey Online at the SALT conference taking place in Reston, VA.

This presentation will be made by John Hart, Director of Learning Strategy and Innovation, who will profile Marriott International.

He will be joined by O&A partner RealTime Performance’s Sean Murray, co-developer of the IT Skill Builder competency assessment and development tool.

According to O&A chief executive officer and president Dan Roberts, “This is a unique opportunity for IT and HR leaders to learn from Marriott’s experience and success supporting the career and personal development of their IT associates at every level. Marriott is applying many innovative practices and attendees are going to benefit greatly from learning about their holistic approach to talent management and development, competency assessment, and employee engagement.”

Sean Murray added, “Marriott is leading the way in helping IT professionals gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed in today’s fast-moving IT workplace. Navigating career choices in IT has always been rife with challenges, but the Career Journey Online really helps employees at every step of the way, and the end result is more engaged, more aligned and more productive employees.”

Marriott, recently recognized as one of the 100 Best Places to work in IT, is highly regarded for their talent and career development initiatives. Their IT transformation and culture change initiatives were also profiled in O&A’s latest book, Unleashing the Power of IT.

Join John Hart and Sean Murray for this thought leadership presentation on August 17, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Reston Hotel. Please visit their website at:

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