Massey School of Business to host Social Media Club of Nashville Jan. 19th

January 19th, Social Media Club of Nashville (SMC Nash) is partnering with HireFriday’s #HFChat and Nashville Career Transitions Group to ask a panel of top HR professionals and recruiter how LinkedIn has changed job search and career development.  The event will be held from 6 to 8pm at the Massey Graduate School of Business of Belmont University.   

The panel includes Jennifer Way, founder of Way Solutions and career search expert for Career Builder, Matt LeBlanc, Recruiter with ADP and Nashville Career Transitions Group, Margo Rose, Founder of HireFriday and Social Media strategist, and Shannon Van Curen, Airs Trainer and Recruiting Specialist. 

Leah Mackey of SMC Nash will moderate the panel through a discussion of LinkedIn profile optimization for candidates and career advancements.  For guests who arrive early, the experts will be on hand before the panel offering LinkedIn profile reviews.

Social media will permeate all aspects of the event – a live Twitter stream will be followed during the events and guests who participate via Twitter or Facebook will have the chance to win career and social media books, coaching services form the experts, gift baskets, and more.  Sponsors for the event include Massey School of Business, Resume Target, Brazen Careerists, McGraw Hill, and

To learn more about the event, follow @SMCNash on Twitter, or visit the Eventbrite page here.  

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