MBA Students in the U.S. Want to Work for Google and Management Consulting Firms

Google Most Attractive Employer
Google once again takes the top position, chosen as a preferred employer by 25% among MBAs. The IT giant was followed by McKinsey & Company (2), Apple (3), Bain & Company (4) and The Boston Consulting Group (5).

Management Consulting Beats the Banks
The Management Consulting Firms proves their attractiveness among MBAs by staying within three of the top five companies, while several of the Banks drop positions with the banking industry overall showing a negative trend.

“The students associate the Management Consulting Firms with challenging work, they offer more variation and opportunities than any other industry and this is appealing to MBA’s” says Kortney Kutsop, Employer Branding Specialist at Universum, “The banking industry dropping in the rankings can be result of the turbulent financial market even though the prestigious banks are still attractive”.

Work-Life Balance New Top Career Goal
“To be competitively or intellectually challenged” or “Work-Life Balance”, as associated in the MBA world, has become their most important career goal. Besides this, the MBA student also wants to be a leader or manager of people.

“The MBA students now have the same top overall career goal as the undergraduates and it should make work-life balance a top priority for every employer. People want a work environment where they feel respected” says Kutsop.

Top 10 (MBA): 1. Google, 2. McKinsey & Company, 3. Apple, 4. Bain & Company, 5. The Boston Consulting Group, 6. Amazon, 7. Goldman Sachs, 8. Facebook, 9. Nike, 10. Goldman Sachs

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