meQuilibrium Launches New Cognitive Performance Module, Collaborate, at HR Technology Conference & Expo

Boston and Las Vegas (Oct. 1, 2019) — “Change” and “change fatigue” are contributing to a spectrum of workplace issues — from extreme stress and burnout, to rising behavioral health issues, and cultural and performance challenges. A recent study from meQuilibrium has found that 25% of an organization’s employees are at high risk for burnout.

It has never been more critical for organizations to accelerate personal and team resilience. And now, with Collaborate, the first machine learning-driven HCM module enabling “active collaboration” between work colleagues and managers, we can build adaptive skills to manage the impacts of change and an organizational culture optimized for innovation. The newest addition to the meQuilibrium Suite, Collaborate will be showcased at the 2019 HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas this week at booth #625.

Collaborate consists of three features that are integrated into the core meQuilibrium intelligence system and product suite (along with meQ Engage and meQ Empower):

  • Values Match: Measure employment alignment with corporate culture to adress skill gaps.
  • Mentor Match: Connect highly resilient employees with co-workers who need coaching.
  • Manager Dashboard: People analytics for operational leaders, accessible at their fingertips.

“meQuilibrium’s proprietary responsive algorithms and recent advancements in AI and machine learning identify, prescribe and sequence cognitive, emotional and behavioral skill gaps,” said meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce. “This makes it possible to build individual resilience at great scale but also to accelerate building the collaborative enterprise necessary for the future.”

The meQuilibrium Suite is unique in the ability to deliver performance gains and data relevant to the individual, leaders, and organization as a whole.

Individuals: In the face of constant change employees can address important gaps in resiliency and cognitive performance to optimize their success. Imagine being mapped to a network of colleagues who exhibit a proven mastery in the soft skills within the context of your organization.

People managers and Leaders: Rich cognitive and behavioral insights equip leaders to know exactly where to focus their energy to improve team performance and track progress over time. For example, never before have companies been able to measure and address employee skill gaps so they can perform successfully within company values. On your first day at a new company, you could measure if you are aligned with corporate values and able to support your team in achieving alignment as well.

Enterprise: We mitigate inherent risk involved with large organizational transformation. We do this by providing employers with data that measures the exact adaptive strengths and weaknesses of their workforce.

About meQuilibrium

meQuilibrium is the engagement, performance and human capital solution that harnesses behavioral psychology, AI, predictive analytics and neuroscience to help innovative businesses build workforce potential. With meQuilibrium, companies can equip each employee to discover and master skills they need to overcome any obstacle, increase agility, gain adaptive capacity, and transform the organization. Learn more at


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