Merging Cultures Through Executive Leadership Team Synergy with Profiles International

Indianapolis, IN. August 7, 2014- Global assessment solutions provider, Profiles International, has announced Dr. Greg Stewart, organizational development specialist, will address the executive leadership team of a large chemical company for a leadership seminar.
Dr. Stewart who specializes in management training, psychology, and coaching will present the seminar on merging cultures through executive leadership and team synergy development.
Attendees will learn about emotional intelligence, leadership development, and team synergy. Each individual will understand how to focus on their own development, and how they can effectively contribute to their teams’ and organizational cultures.
Dr. Stewart has been traveling around the U.S. addressing the executive teams of oil, gas, and chemical manufacturing companies with the same focus. He also presents regular webinars for Profiles International.
Dr. Greg Stewart is an experienced human capital expert with over 15 years’ experience in management and human resources. Dr. Stewart holds a BA in Organizational Leadership and a PhD in Counseling. He has deep insight into problem solving and employee motivation and is a phenomenal speaker and blogger of management and leadership.
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