MeritShare launches award program for Top LinkedIn Users

MeritShare Announces Online Awards Program For Top LinkedIn Users

This past week an estimated 20 million LinkedIn users received an email congratulating them on being a top 1%, 5%, or 10% of all profiles viewed. The email also announced that Linkedin has reached 200m users. The announcement email from Linkedin can be viewed on the MeritShare blog.

“We think this type of professional recognition is awesome and want to honor LinkedIn’s top users” says Travis Pearl, co-founder of MeritShare. MeritShare will honor the top 1%, 5%, and 10% most-viewed profiles in the United States with a MeritShare online “Connector” badge and public award page. The benefit to the recipient is that a MeritShare award page is more permanent than a post in a social media stream. The MeritShare award page is also optimized for search; many MeritShare profiles with a photo and a badge show up in the first page of Google results for someone’s name.”

Pearl adds, “judging by the number of people who shared this accomplishment on Linkedin and Twitter, the promotion is a success and recipients are very proud of this distinction. Participating in the MeritShare program will further build the recipient’s online brand and professional reputation”.

Kristin Huntley, National Senior Marketing Specialist, CBIZ, Inc. received a Top 5% distinction and a MeritShare connector award. Huntley says “LinkedIn is so important for your personal brand, I was thrilled to receive this honor and the MeritShare connector award helps build a great online presence for managing your awards and accomplishments. Kristin’s MeritShare award page can be viewed at:

To receive a MeritShare award, eligible US-based recipients just need to forward the email received from LinkedIn with their first and last name to by February 28th.