Michael C. Fina Issues Healthcare Market Brief Outlining Six Employee Engagement Fundamentals for Building a Culture of Excellence

Long Island City, NY – Nov. 11, 2015 – Drawing on insights gained during Michael C. Fina’s recent Healthcare Summit in New York City, the global employee recognition and incentive program provider today released a new healthcare-focused Market Brief, “Six Fundamentals of Healthcare Engagement.”

The Market Brief outlines critical elements for building a strong workplace culture focused on engaging healthcare employees and showing recognition for their work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

According to the Michael C. Fina Market Brief, healthcare organizations must make a commitment to the following employee engagement fundamentals:

– Leadership buy-in for the overall employee engagement strategy
– Culture-building activities based on offering patients extraordinary care
– Talent acquisition that reflects commitment to patients
– Manager training aligned with company values
– Recognition and rewards that drive engagement
– Accountability to meet set objectives

“Patient and employee satisfaction are both huge metrics for hospitals, but engagement in healthcare is much more than simply making sure employees and patients are satisfied,” said Jeffrey Fina, Chief Customer Officer of Michael C. Fina. “Healthcare leaders must fully invest in a culture of kindness, recognition, and mutual caring toward employees, and let that culture naturally create a better experience for patients.”

Michael C. Fina’s Market Brief demonstrates why helping employees to work more cohesively and efficiently as a team can help increase the quality of patient care. The full Market Brief can be downloaded here http://www.mcfrecognition.com/resources/6-fundamentals-of-healthcare-engagement/.

About Michael C. Fina

Michael C. Fina is a leading provider of global employee recognition and incentive programs that not only align with core values and business goals, but also inspire people to do great things. The WBENC-certified company provides over 100 healthcare organizations with recognition programs that increase employee and patient satisfaction, while creating a culture of service and operational excellence. Popular initiatives include blood drives, service excellence, employee anniversaries, wellness, nominations, above & beyond, and on-the-spot performance recognition. For more information, visit http://www.mcfrecognition.com.