Michael C. Fina Recognition and Marriott International Share Importance of Service Award Programs at Recognition Professionals International Conference

January 26, 2016 – Long Island City, NY – The challenge of keeping employee recognition programs up to date and how Marriott International has modernized its service award program were the key offerings by executives of Marriott and www.mcfrecognition.com [Michael C. Fina Recognition] at the recent Recognition Professionals International (RPI) Conference in Las Vegas. Michael C. Fina Recognition is a provider of rewards, recognition and incentives programs that drive employee engagement and deliver positive business outcomes.

During the January 11 RPI Conference session titled Service Awards: A Cornerstone for Employee Recognition, Jeffrey Fina, Chief Customer Officer of Michael C. Fina Recognition, co-presented with Christina Papoulias, Senior Benefits Analysis & Wellness Specialist of Marriott International.

“Celebrating ‘work birthdays’ is one of the biggest cultural touchstones for employees and a universal benchmark for an organization’s commitment to them,” said Fina. “Running a successful recognition program today requires a focus on the service award experience layered with modern technology and social tools, demographic data, and leadership savvy.”

The presentation demonstrated how to keep recognition programs current so they maintain their appeal. It also included discussion of how Marriott’s Service Award program ensures service awards are a fixture of the company’s work culture, while increasing program reach and generational appeal.

During the presentation, Fina recommended the following tips:

– Use recognition initiatives to create strong manager to employee connections, as these relationships are the top driver of employee engagement.
– Recognize workers – including virtual employees – with service awards and other forms of appreciation early on in their career and often.
– When recognizing employees, take generational differences into account and provide a variety of reward choices.
– Incorporate mobile and social recognition options when possible.

RPI is the leading resource for global strategic workforce recognition and is the only professional association that engages both practitioners and resource providers to provide holistic value to the global recognition industry. Its annual conference – The Recognition Experience 2016 – was January 9-13 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

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