Michael C. Fina Recognition Offers New eBook: Meeting Human Capital Challenges in Healthcare with Employee Recognition

In celebration of National Hospital Week this May 8-14, Michael C. Fina Recognition, a leader in the healthcare recognition space and recognition provider to some of the largest hospitals and health networks in the country, has published a new eBook, “Meeting Human Capital Challenges in Healthcare with Recognition.”

The eBook provides strategies for improving hospital culture, employee performance, and retention through recognition; including industry best practices and informative case studies from healthcare clients.

“Healthcare employees work in a very stressful environment and are often overworked and underappreciated,” said Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications of Michael C. Fina Recognition. “Recognition programs are the antidote, and can become a cornerstone of a hospital’s culture-building strategy.”

According to the eBook, employee recognition helps improve employee engagement, which is crucial for meeting human capital-related healthcare challenges. It outlines three key elements of a successful healthcare recognition initiative:
1) Define critical success factors so they can measure recognition programs and their impact on employee engagement and retention.
2) Secure support from senior leaders and execute the employee recognition strategy from the top down,
3) Leverage modern recognition systems that are adaptable to employee lifestyles and the fast-paced healthcare culture.

“National Hospital Week is a great opportunity to show appreciation for physicians, nurses, administrators and support staff,” added Himelstein. “We thought it was a fitting time to give managers and HR departments some extra guidance in their daily recognition efforts, and to show them how recognition is perfectly aligned to really bring out the best in healthcare performance.”

For more information, download “Meeting Human Capital Challenges in Healthcare with Recognition,” at http://www.mcfrecognition.com/resources/meeting-human-capital-challenges-in-healthcare-with-recognition.

About Michael C. Fina Recognition

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