Michael C. Fina Recognition Releases New eBook to Help Organizations Engage First-Year Employees

Long Island City, NY – As employee engagement is critical during an employee’s first year at an organization, Michael C. Fina Recognition, a leading rewards, recognition, and incentives provider, today released a new eBook, “First-Year Impressions are Everything.”

From pre-boarding to the six-month mark to celebrating an employees’ one-year service anniversary, Michael C. Fina Recognition’s eBook helps companies engage employees and help them connect to the organization’s mission and values during their first year.

The eBook offers best practices and tips for recognizing employees, including a timeline of year one and major engagement and recognition opportunities that every organization should consider along the way.

“With the average job tenure shrinking to around two years in some industries, it’s becoming more and more helpful to have a first-year engagement plan for new hires,” said Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications, Michael C. Fina Recognition. “Being aware of the key engagement traps and milestones within the first year helps organizations make a memorable first impression that can increase the retention and productivity of new employees for many years to come.”

For more, please visit www.mcfrecognition.com.

About Michael C. Fina Recognition
In today’s technology-driven multi-generational workforce, meaningful employee recognition is more crucial than ever in building employee engagement and driving business success. Michael C. Fina Recognition helps companies worldwide deliver recognition, rewards, and incentive programs built from a passion and enthusiasm for serving our clients and a nearly 50-year history of service. We deliver scalable solutions that are based on each client’s needs, built on personal relationships, and driven by a deep understanding of each company’s unique culture. Every day, Michael C. Fina Recognition helps organizations increase employee loyalty and deliver positive business outcomes — one memorable experience at a time.