Michael C. Fina Recognition Selects CloudMills for Further Integration with HR Enterprise Systems

Michael C. Fina Recognition, a provider of rewards, recognition and incentive programs, today announced a new partnership with CloudMills, a human capital management data integration platform provider, that will help connect Michael C. Fina Recognition’s platform to other enterprise HR applications.

Easing the burden often put on the IT department to connect applications from different providers, CloudMills creates a smooth integration between Michael C. Fina Recognition’s technology and its clients’ HRIS and HCM systems like SAP, Workday and Oracle. Since employee data can be synchronized seamlessly across applications, departments, regions or countries, Michael C. Fina Recognition can offer clients a faster implementation process and more consistent employee recognition programs.

“As our client organizations are often tasked with managing multiple HR systems and vendor platforms, we wanted to give them an easier and more effective way to integrate employee data in a secure technology environment,” said Michael Fina, COO, Michael C. Fina Recognition. “We chose to work with CloudMills due to their unique and dedicated expertise in the HR industry.”

CloudMills’ data integration platform makes HR applications and processes immediately accessible to each other, so Michael C. Fina Recognition can ensure that client data is securely available in their recognition platform.

“CloudMills is excited to add Michael C. Fina’s employee recognition platform to our library of Connectors allowing us to continue rounding out partners across a wide variety of applications,” said Dianna Sheppard, CEO, CloudMills.

For more, visit www.mcfrecognition.com.

About Michael C. Fina Recognition
In today’s technology-driven multigenerational workforce, meaningful employee recognition is more crucial than ever in building employee engagement and driving business success. Michael C. Fina Recognition helps companies worldwide deliver recognition, rewards, and incentive programs built from a passion and enthusiasm for serving our clients and a nearly 50-year history of service. We deliver scalable solutions that are based on each client’s needs, built on personal relationships, and driven by a deep understanding of each company’s unique culture. Every day, Michael C. Fina Recognition helps organizations increase employee loyalty and deliver positive business outcomes — one memorable experience at a time. Michael C. Fina Recognition is headquartered in Long Island City, NY, and is online at http://www.mcfrecognition.com.

About CloudMills
CloudMills application integration platform provided the HR Industry a quick, secure and seamless way for organizations to connect multiple applications together without the involvement of IT. www.CloudMills.com