Michael C. Fina Will Offer Talent Management Guidance During TLNT Webinar: Employee Happiness is No Joke

Long Island City, N.Y. — Michael C. Fina Recognition, a leading rewards, recognition, and incentives provider, today announced its Vice President of Marketing and Communications Cord Himelstein will be the featured speaker during an upcoming TLNT webinar, Employee Happiness is No Joke.

The webinar, sponsored by CultureIQ, takes place on Wed., September 7 at 2pm ET and will address company culture, why employee happiness doesn’t necessarily equal high performance, and how to foster an atmosphere where workers are engaged and high performing.

“Many organizations conflate happiness with engagement, but ‘happy’ does not always mean ‘engaged,” said Himelstein. “What makes us happy as individuals is exceedingly complex and does not necessarily lead to productivity. Companies frequently fail when ‘focusing in’ on employee happiness without taking into account other contextual factors like culture, recruiting, and personality types.”

Key takeaways from the webinar will include:
– The difference between making employees simply happy versus making them both happy and productive
– How culture spreads through an organization and how it can be managed to give you the best business outcomes
– How to recognize what creates a culture of fear, and avoid the common traps that cause it
– How to ‘hire for culture’ and align your talent pipeline to maximize retention and productivity

To register for the webinar please visit, http://www.eremedia.com/webinars/employee-happiness-is-no-joke.

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