Mobile Learning Content Delivery

Reno, NV January 28, 2012 – Award winning online learning provider AthenaOnline announced a new version of their SaaS (Software as a Service) content licensing program that works with both desktop and mobile devices. Already in use by numerous Fortune 500 and other multinational organizations the new delivery makes the Athena content library more accessible to employees in the field.

“We have a number of organizations who have used our content library in existing portals, LMS systems or on SharePoint and we wanted to make that content available to employees using mobile devices,” said Jon Peters, AthenaOnline’s CEO. “More and more people are trading in their laptops for tablets and it can be important for them to be able to access their personal development library.”

AthenaOnline has worked with over 150 business consultants, authors, and researchers to create 2,000 short video coaching modules called SmartBytes(TM) that are available to enterprises through Athena’s MyQuickCoach portal or in Athena’s content licensing program. SmartBytes cover business management topics ranging from creativity to strategic planning. The content library is broken into different content categories making it easier for organizations to license appropriate material to support internal competencies and initiatives.

The MyQuickCoach content library is currently available to enterprise customers for use within Learning Management Systems, SharePoint applications, training portals or other employee learning systems. A single link provides access to both streaming and desktop version of the content. Mobile delivery is currently only available to users on iPads(TM) and iPhones(TM), but an Android(TM) version is in development.

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SmartByte is a registered trademark of, Corp. iPad, iPhone and iOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc. SharePoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.