Montage Unveils Transformative Video Interviewing Technology Advancements

Las Vegas, NV (October 8, 2013) – Montage, a provider of purpose-built video interviewing solutions to the Global 5000, today announced a collection of market-leading technology innovations enabling companies to further evolve and extend their use of video interviewing across their enterprise. The announcement was made at the HR Technology conference in Las Vegas, NV.

“Our most recent technology enhancements are designed to help our clients elevate their application of video interviewing technology by gaining greater utility, enhanced ROI, and superior benefits enterprise-wide,” stated Kurt Heikkinen, Montage CEO. “The enhanced capabilities we announce today empower our clients in their progression toward realizing the greatest possible hiring advantage,” he added.

“Knowing companies hire in so many different ways, global corporations can realize a hiring advantage through Montage’s recent innovations,” said Kevin Wheeler, Founder and Chairman of Future of Talent Institute. “Montage’s highly configurable platform that prioritizes the candidate experience while also adapting to the unique requirements of every position is what corporations need to fully adopt video interviewing technology across the enterprise.”

– Question Configurability offers the industry’s only on-demand video interviewing application that is fully configurable down to the question level for every position across the organization. The industry standard is to restrict organizations to a single response parameter (re-record enabled, single recording, timed response) for every question asked of every candidate applying for any position across the organization. Now Montage clients can tailor their candidate experience for every question so that it is in line with their internal philosophy and the requirements of job.

– Candidate Evaluation Configurability empowers recruiters and hiring managers to expedite the hiring process and secure feedback based on the most relevant candidate information, more quickly. Recruiters can select which components of a completed Montage View to share, track when the information is viewed and control its availability. The configurability of the system addresses compliance concerns, and allows recruiters to control the dissemination of information and management of feedback.

– Enhanced Global Video Interviewing provides organizations across the globe the greatest number of language options and data security. The entire user interface is available in the selected language, which automatically defaults to the candidate’s computer but can be adjusted manually. Montage’s global server network allows organizations hiring outside the U.S. to house all data in non-U.S. locations for compliance with international privacy laws.

– Open Invite empowers hiring managers and recruiters to broaden their sourcing reach to all of their social media accounts, targeted talent pools, user groups or associations, while controlling the number of responses and placement of links. Any audience can be directed into the job-specific interview experience. Candidates can even socialize links themselves.

– Enterprise Reporting captures analytics and metrics around hiring and candidate behavior to evolve client use of video interviewing and constantly improve their process to drive enterprise wide adoption. Insights gathered enable better interview configuration, improved brand presentation and system integration.

About Montage
Montage offers the most mature video interviewing solution available, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time. Applying an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Montage is the solution of choice for companies pursuing a hiring advantage. By extending talent reach, elevating employer brand, reducing travel, and minimizing costs, Montage engages candidates and hiring teams throughout the process, driving faster decisions and improving quality of hire. A privately held company, Montage is headquartered in Wisconsin and located on the Web at

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