Moxie for Managers: Could Moxie be the New Strategic Advantage for Innovating and Evolving Managers?

New book challenges title-suffocating managers to take a no-nonsense, innovative approach in leading others using behavioral economics theories to influence people to execute while also making a difference.

(RED BANK, NEW JERSEY) – Ann Tardy has done it again with Moxie for Managers, today’s must-have playbook for managers eager to execute while making a difference.

When innovation, progress, and brilliance matter, it’s time to unleash moxie in the middle lane. It’s time for business as unusual. Managers are not just a title or a position, they are an opportunity. They are bottled innovation.

Leaders in the middle are clandestine superheroes yielding the power to influence the behaviors and actions of people at every rung of the corporate ladder. Apply the 10 essential influencing tenets to a battle cry and add a dose of iconoclastic (sometimes irreverent) action. The power to influence, instigate, and innovate from the middle becomes a strategic advantage called “moxie.”

Tardy’s Moxie for Managers uses behavioral science to blast myths about employee motivation and engagement, replacing these myths with strategies and tools that impact. People are hungry to be different and to make a difference, but they’re also hardwired to hold themselves back. Managers who help people rewire that hardwiring evolve into middle leaders.

About the author:  From Silicon Valley corporate attorney to award-winning thought-leader on evolving middle management, Ann Tardy has never met a person who wasn’t dying to make a difference. As President of management consulting firm, LifeMoxie, Ann helps visionary organizations unleash moxie where they need it most – in the middle. By combining the art of management with the science of behavioral economics, Ann interprets the stories we tell ourselves, revealing how we are each hardwired to hold ourselves back. In Summer 2011, Ann cycled from San Francisco to New Jersey to research the documentary “The Moxie Ride” discovering what people love about their jobs and their managers. Learn more at

What they’re saying about Moxie for Managers:

Practical and inspiring, Moxie for Managers made me appreciate even more the value that influence has in leading effectively. It proves that anyone at any level of an organization can exert influence and effect change. With this book as a guide there are no more excuses for being stuck in relationships with others; there are only opportunities to bring out the full potential in people. – William Waszak, Chief Information Officer, Scotts Miracle Gro

Moxie for Managers changed me. Before learning about the principles that influence people. I was relying on congeniality and a positive attitude to motivate others. Now I know the secret to being an effective leader and I’m leveraging it every day. Ann’s work is like nothing I have ever learned in formal or informal training. It has impacted my ability to lead and be followed not only at the office but in my personal life as well.
– Gailene Cowger, Manager, Baird & Warner, Orland Park Office

The mentoring guru Ann Tardy has created a map for those who are ready to leave management behind and become inspirational leaders! Moxie for Managers is the distillation of years of experience and observation by a thought leader with a keen mind and clear focus. As one who has benefited greatly from Ann Tardy’s guidance, I highly recommend Moxie for Managers to those who want to do it better, whatever “it” is!
– Wendy Willow Wark, Director Employee Relations & Diversity / EEO Officer MTA Metro-North Railroad

Moxie for Managers is not just a fantastic read about how people successfully deal with other people. It is also a handbook for how to exert influence over yourself. The bottom line, when we get out of our own way and get out of other people’s way, magic happens.
– Glen Rossman, former Tax Director, Cisco System

Sue Malan