MTM Recognition Debuts Three New Apps to Recognize, Reward and Engage

March 19, 2013 – OKC, OK – MTM Recognition, the world’s leading employee reward and recognition solutions provider, today announced the launch of three new apps; Carousel Mobile, Workout Journal, and MTM e-Cards.

These proprietary apps offer companies a completely mobile web-based recognition platform to recognize on-the-spot. Carousel Mobile features a recognition feed that allows employees to view recognition events real-time within their organization. This social engagement tool ties behaviors to business objectives through a series of customizable badges, each representing a goal or initiative within the company.

Workout Journal is designed to fully integrate with social media, i.e. internal company social engagement recognition platform or external Facebook or Twitter account to track wellness related activities by entering them into a digital journal. Workouts can be added, deleted and shared based on the employee’s preference. Digital trophies are earned for personal victories. This app can be tied to any company’s wellness initiatives outlining clear goals for consistent health and fitness.

MTM e-Cards features vibrant graphics and versatile messages on electronic cards that can be sent to anyone for any occasion at the touch of a button. Load the e-mail address, type your message and pick from one of the many designs created by MTM’s design team and your greeting is sent to its intended recipient.

“We are very excited to announce these new additions to our social engagement offering, said Greg Starling,” VP of IT at MTM Recognition. “We spent thousands of hours engineering a user interface that is easy to use and with Carousel Mobile, Workout Journal and MTM e-Cards in place, the experience has just become easier.”

Carousel Mobile is available on both iOS and Android devices and is downloadable through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Workout Journal and MTM e-Cards can be downloaded through the App Store and used on any iOS device.

About MTM Recognition
MTM is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, creating and implementing reward and recognition products and programs that celebrate achievement, reward performance, honor service, and brand and reinforce company image. MTM offers comprehensive, meaningful, memorable recognition solutions.