My Journey from a Business Relations Manager to President-Sales at RChilli

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, I got a chance to introspect and see my life from a new perspective. And while I was doing introspection, I looked back and examined my journey at RChilli since I joined.

Its been nine years with RChilli, and it seems like a rollercoaster ride. Today, I lead a team and create sales strategies for the company.

But it was not always like this.

When I joined RChilli, I was a bright-eyed graduate who just wanted to get his bearings and knew little about the challenges of a sales role. But I got enough opportunities to learn and grow.

Lovepreet Dhaliwal, President of RChilli is sharing a few learnings and techniques that brought clarity to my vision to become a good sales professional.

My First Sales Training with Vinay Johar

For me, Vinay is not just the CEO of RChilli, but my mentor and guide who introduced me to the concepts of sales. Following his valuable tips, I made my first sales to Jim Garrison, Founder-The Applicant Manager. I still remember he was extremely helpful and made it easy for me to close the deal quickly.

With time, I became confident in handling three important situations in sales:

  • When to pursue a lead
  • When to relent
  • When to move on

Another secret I learned to close a deal is that know what motivates your leads and what do they fear. This helps you to resonate with them and refine your pitch so that they can hear what they want to.

Which Sales Technique Works the Best?

The concept of SPIN selling created by Neil Rackham is the best sales technique I have learned so far.

SPIN denotes Situation-Problem-Implication-Need pay off

If you understand the buyers’ current situation and the problems they are facing, you can easily relate and empathize