My Secret to Success: 7 Core Values of RChilli

I read a lot of articles about entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and decision-makers. And I am always eager to know which path they follow to become successful.

Today, I am sharing one of my secrets to success with you, i.e, the 7 Core Values of RChilli.

Talking about COVID-19, I have noticed how hard it is for everyone to cope with the new normal. But if you follow your core values even in tough times, you will sail through it.

These are the values we have inculcated in each team member because we believe that a team can only become perfect when all team members are in sync with each other.

We created our core values in 2008, and I am glad that we are still sticking to them.

Core Value 1: Customer Delight and Customer Loyalty

There is a saying that ‘Customer is always right’. I agree with it because, at RChilli, we treat our customers as the CEO of our company. We promise to provide an incredible experience to our customers by keeping ourselves future-ready and offering timely and assured services.

We experience a proud moment when our customers advocate the same values and visualize us as a partner, not just a vendor.

Core Value 2: Leadership and Visionary

RChilli provides an ecosystem where leaders are born. We ensure to create an environment for our employees where they can learn, grow, and excel. I am proud to share that all our team members not only come from diverse backgrounds but are also capable of sharing different ideas and concepts.

You must watch our video where Paramdeep and Inder are sharing their stories of how they became leaders and visionaries at RChilli.

Core Value 3: Creative and Innovative

I am passionate about introducing innovation through technology. We aim to build world-class innovative products and solutions and make sure that we use creativity to solve critical problems.

It’s not just about introducing innovation to our customers. We also make sure that we also bring the same creativity in our processes. A recent example was how one of our team members solved a complicated process with a Kanban board.

Core Value 4: Supportive Family Culture

Ours is the RChilli Family. We respect personal relations along with the differences. Be it our office boy or a team head; everyone is part of the family. Apart from celebrating everyone’s success, we make sure to stand by each other in tough times.

Core Value 5: Empowerment, Responsibility, and Accountability

We stick to our commitments and ensure they are met. Recently, one of our leads was looking for a new language, and we committed that we would add it in 30 days. Because it was a commitment, the entire team worked tirelessly towards achieving this target. Our lead was surprised to see how we fulfilled our promise before time.

Core Value 6: Honesty, Fairness, and Transparency in Actions, Words, and Thoughts

To achieve a goal, it is vital to be in sync with each other. There must be a similarity between our actions, words, and thoughts. Personal bias does not hold a place in RChilli. All our decisions are based on facts.

Core Value 7: Strive for the Best and Successful

I always say, ‘Be Humble, Be Nimble.’

At times, success makes you arrogant. We intentionally avoid this feeling and, instead, focus on aiming high, thinking big, and taking risks.

If our core values inspire you, I would love to interact with you.

Feel free to reach me anytime.