My Top 5 Learnings During My Journey Towards RChilli 8.0

Read this article to see Vinay Johar, CEO of RChilli sharing his journey towards RChilli 8.0, the memories he made, the lessons he learnt and a deep insight into his invaluable learnings.


Today, I am writing about something very close to my heart.

Our latest version, RChilli 8.0.0, is finally out and showing its magic across the HR tech industry. We designed this new version to meet the growing expectations of our clients. With continuous research in AI, ML, NLP, and unlimited brainstorming sessions, we are now offering a more trusted and scalable resume parser.

A Look Back…?

It is a proud moment. Today, we stand tall in the HR tech industry with this new advancement. We are one of the leaders in resume analytics, and many Fortune 500 companies are among our customers.

But it was not always like this.

When I look back after reaching this milestone, I get overwhelmed with nostalgia. There was a time when we had the vision to achieve big but didn’t have adequate funding and resources. We were just a small startup, had a small office and a small team. I remember in 2011-12, I made rigorous efforts to look for funding to survive. One of our customers told us to customize the product and paid us the funds we were looking for. They referred us to big MNCs, and after that, we never stopped.

We have experienced the struggle of a startup. When a startup approaches us now or a client comes with a problem, we completely understand their situation and deliver our future-ready solutions when they give a requirement. Our aim is to stand like a pillar of support for our customers throughout their journey.

Few Learnings That Changed My Vision

I am sharing a few small stories that turned into the greatest learnings of my life.

Learning 1:

‘Go on Cloud. 

We were building a cloud product, but we realized we were not on the cloud.’

Just when my business started picking up, a major fire broke out in our office. We lost our servers, 80-85% of the infrastructure, and even our source code.

It was a complete disaster. But we survived it.

The team became one army, came up with new source code and recovered everything in a few weeks.

After this incident, we decided to have all our backups and developments on the cloud.

Learning 2:

‘Stay Humble! Stay Nimble.

I remember I met Jon, CEO of Nimble, years ago at his office in San Diego. And I was impressed with his humility. He started his business from scratch. In fact, Nimble’s work culture and interactions were amazing. They are successful because they are humble. We also follow the same example. We stay action-oriented and deliver what we commit.

Learning 3:

‘We Know What We Don’t Know.’

During a meeting with the President of Salesforce in one of the local meetups, I realized this concept was their internal story. It was self-realization that brought one of the biggest transformations in my life. Whenever you make a plan to achieve something, you look for factors you don’t know e.g. which skills you need to acquire. This is how you improve your skills through mentor sessions or training and make yourself more capable.

Learning 4:

‘My aim is to touch seven billion souls.’

Rudy Karsan is an inspiration. I remember I met him for one of my mentoring sessions, where he shared his vision to touch 7 billion souls. That touched me, and it still excites me. All my decisions, product plans, market plans are based on how many more souls we want to touch. This is how I broaden my vision, and now, I want to make the life of these billion souls easier. I am happy that we have touched 3 billion souls so far with RChilli.

Learning 5:

‘There is a difference between intention and behavior. Look for that.’

I learned about it during my NLP training. People will always notice your behavior, not your intention. You can have the best of intentions, but people can misunderstand you if your behavior is not communicated well. Before you react, first find out intent then go for words or behavior.

Many more learnings…. I will share it later…

Witnessing a Remarkable Change in RChilli with These Learnings

After learning these secrets, I brought them to RChilli. We deliver products that promise improved quality, incredible results, and exceptional customer service. Our users feel confident that they are using the right solution.

That’s why RChilli is the most trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment for Global recruiting Platforms.

Even our latest v 8.0 builds trust among our users and makes sure they get the maximum results from these technologies. Our users can now depend on our reliable technology for data processing and shift their focus on other important tasks.

If my story inspires you, I would love to talk to you. Feel free to reach me anytime. Your comments and views are always welcome.