National Office Furniture Sees Measurable Leadership Improvement in 100% of Participants Through Workshop Program in Partnership with Assess Systems

DALLAS, Jan. 15, 2013–National Office Furniture executives and higher-level managers have significantly improved their individual performance and team collaboration as a result of partnering with Assess Systems in National Office Furniture’s ongoing Emerge Leadership Workshop program.

To date, 98 National Office Furniture leaders have taken part in the program, which consists of the following:
– Pre-workshop personality assessments are taken to discover insights about employees’ specific characteristics and competencies that can impact leadership success.
– Pre-workshop behavioral 360-degree assessments are performed to generate performance insight from bosses, peers and others.
– A workshop is conducted, including group and one-on-one sessions with Assess Systems consultants, to discuss assessment results and analysis, and to establish action plans for targeting specific growth opportunities.
– Targeted follow-up 360 assessments are performed after six months to measure and rate changes in behavior and performance areas.
– Participants work with managers and mentors to support ongoing growth and development.
– Data is analyzed to show how leaders rated in various competencies, both as a whole and for specific work teams.
– Follow-up consultations are made to check efforts and encourage progress on participants’ development plans.

One hundred percent of the participants in the program received positive feedback regarding their behavioral change efforts following the Emerge Workshop and action planning process. In other words, six months after the initial feedback and coaching, all participants’ peers, bosses, and other team members perceived that they had made some positive progress toward becoming more effective leaders. For more than seventy-five percent of the participants, the feedback from raters indicated they had made substantial positive change in their leadership behavior.

“One of the best things about the program is that, rather than being an event that our employees might forget about, it’s a programmatic activity that is sustainable,” said Angie Kleinhelter, National Office Furniture’s Director of Human Resources. “It’s a powerful opportunity for both their personal consciousness and personal growth, and thanks to the follow-up 360 assessments, they can see that their improvements are noticed by their co-workers.”

Kleinhelter said some areas that National Office Furniture discovered needed improvement came as somewhat of a surprise, noting that many participants gained valuable insights about how they were perceived by their bosses, peers and others, while the company as a whole learned it could improve its planning and organization, as well as its communication.

“We knew that we had good leaders, but we needed to make our leaders great to grow from a successful company to an even better company,” said Kleinhelter. “We’ve made tremendous strides as a result of the program. Today, you can walk around the company and see the improvements being made.”

“National Office Furniture is a model for how companies can develop their executives and managers into more effective leaders and collaborators,” Assess Systems Director of Research and Science Keith McCook said. “By approaching development programmatically, providing support from participants’ managers and HR, and leveraging our personality and behavior assessments and coaching support, they made this program and the development efforts that resulted from it sustainable for the long haul. They are improving their leadership every day.”

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