New Article from EmployeeScreenIQ Shines Light on Job Applicant Deceptions

Atlanta, GA June 24, 2012—Most HR professionals have experienced deception on the part of their job applicants, often after the fact. A new article by EmployeeScreenIQ, “Applicants Do the Darndest Things: How HR Can Spot Candidates Who Game the System,” offers a roadmap for spotting mistruths before a hiring decision is made.

While technologies such as HRIS and applicant tracking systems have streamlined the hiring process, they have also created new opportunities for candidates to “misremember” the facts. One key to countering potential deception? Human oversight, according to EmployeeScreenIQ.

The article highlights the top ten maneuvers intended to mislead, including:

• false date of birth or social security number;
• imaginary employers (think Seinfeld and Vandelay Industries;
• fake diplomas; and
• delayed drug tests.

“Unfortunately, some job applicants are getting ever more creative in their efforts to sidestep the screening process through misrepresentation of the facts or outright misinformation,” said Nick Fishman, chief marketing officer for EmployeeScreenIQ.

“The common theme you’ll notice throughout this article is the ongoing need for human oversight. Despite the sophistication of technology, HR professionals still need to be cognizant of the ways applicants may try to game the system and alert to potential red flags.”

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will be exhibiting at the 2012 SHRM Conference in Atlanta, June 24 — 27, 2012, where attendees are also encouraged to stop by booth #1716 to pick up a copy of “Applicants Do the Darndest Things: How HR Can Spot Candidates Who Game the System,”and get the latest information on background checks and employment screening.

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