New Article from GreenJobInterview Outlines Compelling Case for Live Virtual Interviews

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 21, 2012—As technology enables hiring practices to change and evolve, it also enables organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. A new article by GreenJobInterview, “Live Virtual Interviews: A Real Game Changer,” outlines the benefits of this revolutionary advancement in the hiring process.

The traditional hiring methods of the phone interview followed, for the lucky few, by an invitation for an on-site interview are costly and time-consuming. Some forward-thinking companies, though, have taken technology a step further and implemented live virtual interviewing.

Using browser-based technology and a webcam, employers can quickly and effectively screen candidates globally by asking them questions and seeing their reactions. Additionally, live virtual interviews enable multi-participant capabilities; candidates can be greeted and interviewed by multiple recruiters and/or hiring managers in one virtual room.

The article highlights the benefits of live virtual interviews, including:

• significant cost savings in travel expenses;
• enhanced candidate experience;
• efficiency in time-to-hire; and
• reduction in carbon footprint.

“In the war for talent, any differentiator a company can offer creates a competitive advantage,” said Greg Rokos, co-founder and president of GreenJobInterview. “The cutting-edge hiring practice of live virtual interviews can provide that extra something to attract talent. Feedback from employers and from candidates clearly shows that this paradigm shift is worth exploring.”

The article is available for complimentary download now.

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