New Article from Impact Achievement Group Reveals Decision-Making Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

SEATTLE—February 23, 2012—While decision making is critical to effectiveness and success, few people ever receive any training on how to make wise, thoughtful choices. Impact Achievement Group addresses this situation with a new article, “Becoming an Agile Decision Maker and Avoiding Common Decision-Making Traps.”

Research has shown that success is highly dependent on the process people use to arrive at decisions. Raising the odds of making good decisions requires learning and applying a valid, repeatable decision-making process—one that gets the individual, team, or organization to deal effectively with predictable issues that often contaminate desirable outcomes.

“Without training in sound decision-making principles, experience often becomes the teacher—and the lessons can be harmful, inefficient and costly,” said Lee Klepinger, president and chief executive officer of Impact Achievement Group. “With some thought and understanding of how good thinking succeeds and how poor thinking fails, we can better deal with the vast quantity of information required to make better decisions.”

Readers will learn about the various factors that influence human decision making and how this awareness improves the ability to make effective decisions. They will receive insight into:

• how assumptions and beliefs sway opinion and, therefore, decisions;
• why people tend to make the same kinds of decision-making mistakes over and over—and how to stop that cycle;
• how the intense human need to belong can skew normally good judgment; and
• why conflict, dissent, and differing points of view are essential to effective decision making.

Becoming an Agile Decision Maker and Avoiding Common Decision-Making Traps” is available now for complimentary download.

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