New Bernard Hodes Group Research Suggests Many Employer Brand Messaging Strategies Are Outdated, May Not Reflect Market Changes

Regular assessments of employer brand messaging enable organizations to stay competitive through technology, economic changes

Bernard Hodes Group, a leading provider of integrated talent solutions, today announced the results of a new research study that compares employers’ and employees’ points of view about the value of both internally and externally facing employer brand strategies.

“Our research shows that among those with an employer brand strategy, the average strategy age is 4.3 years. Accordingly, many organizations are relying on messaging platforms that pre-date the Great Recession,” said Paul Austermuehle, senior vice president, Bernard Hodes Group. “A lot has changed in the last four years, not just on the economic front, but in the lifestyles of virtually every member of the workforce. We have so many new technologies, communication platforms, social communities and ways for candidates to explore and understand employers. It’s clear that most employer brand messaging should be reassessed and updated for authenticity and transparency.”

As the country starts to shake off the employment lows of the recession, more attention has been placed on how workforce engagement can impact productivity and the bottom line. The new Hodes research finds that most of those employers surveyed expect improved employee engagement scores (61%) and improved customer satisfaction scores (58%) from internal branding efforts, as well as improved employee retention (57%) and increased productivity (54%).

“Many, but certainly not enough, of our participants are linking their employer brand investment with their key financial metrics like customer satisfaction and revenue. Employer branding should be viewed as an essential tool for crafting internal and external messaging. It drives engagement and ensures that a company’s workforce is aligned to their business strategy and values,” said Austermuehle. “In this research, we see a picture emerging of a very savvy employer, an age of brand enlightenment. This sets the level of competition in industries across the board—most especially in retail, hospitality and those businesses where frontline employees deliver the branded customer experience.”

Furthermore, the Hodes research reveals that employers anticipate increased applicant quality (89%) from external branding strategies. As a result of technological advancements such as search engine optimization, social media channels and mobile communications; employer brands are taking center stage to ensure their effectiveness relating to quality of hire, brand awareness and perception.

The Hodes research, The Growing Value of Employer Brands, also sheds light on the importance of understanding employee perceptions to articulate the employer brand, some of the on-going challenges organizations face with employer branding, and the types of metrics utilized to connect employer branding with operational performance.

Companies interested in learning more should visit the Hodes Web site by clicking here, or to receive a copy of the Bernard Hodes Group research report — The Growing Value of Employer Brands — please contact their Hodes Representative or by calling 888-438-9911.

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