New Bike and Pedestrian Safety Apps Teach Children the Rules of the Road

EUGENE, OR (October 18, 2012) —ORCAS, a healthcare technology company specializing in self-management products that improve physical and emotional well-being, has announced the development of a series of applications for the prevention of childhood bicycle and pedestrian accidents. The apps—Bike Smart and Walk Smart—introduce evidence-based, street-friendly safety skills for children ages 5-9.

Both Bike Smart and Walk Smart are available for tablets, including the iPad, Android-based tablets, and the Kindle Fire. ORCAS developed the apps for tablet computers as part of the company’s growing commitment to mobile health solutions.

Somber Statistics & Hopeful Technology
Everyday, nearly 690 children are injured in bicycle accidents, and each year, approximately 140 children are killed on bikes. Pedestrian accidents killed about 4,280 people in 2010. Sadly, hundreds were children.

Bike Smart and Walk Smart hope to improve those statistics by leveraging interactive instruction to effectively teach core bicycle and pedestrian safety skills. Game-based video and animation add more dimension to the lessons, turning content that used to be dry into something kids can visualize and actually play with. Three tablet apps make up the entire road safety series and each app tests a child’s knowledge with quizzes that provide immediate feedback for reinforced learning.

Clinical Research & Proven Results
Bike Smart and Walk Smart are backed by clinical research. In two randomized controlled trials, the Bike Smart and Walk Smart programs were tested to change behavior. The Bike Smart program increased the ability of children in grades K-3 to learn and adopt proper bike helmet usage. (Bicycle helmet use has been estimated to reduce head injury risk by 85 percent.) The Walk Smart program helped children learn and identify dangerous elements in real-world traffic situations. (Avoiding gaps in pedestrian safety knowledge is key to accident prevention.)

“If you have children who ride a bike or walk anywhere near vehicles, Bike Smart and Walk Smart can teach the kind of critical road safety skills that keep them aware and safe for many years to come,” said Ann Glang, Ph.D., ORCAS Science Director and North American Brain Injury Society 2011 Researcher of the Year. “Kids don’t just get brain injuries from playing sports; it can happen during everyday activities. Wearing a bicycle helmet correctly and avoiding road hazards are important ways to prevent a range of injuries.”

The Bike Smart and Walk Smart programs are available for download at the iTunes store, on, and Google Play. They also come in DVD format. In addition to game-based video and animated instruction, the DVD includes printable materials for parents and teachers.

To purchase the DVD, contact ORCAS at 541-349-4845. To download Walk Smart, please visit; for Bike Smart 1, visit; and for Bike Smart 2, visit

ORCAS is a healthcare technology company that creates self-management products to improve physical and emotional well-being. ORCAS brings over 20 years of experience combining behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to create a simple, social, and fun experience for the user. The majority of ORCAS programs are funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program. All ORCAS products undergo scientific validation studies. Our mission is to create a culture of health, one life at a time. For more information about ORCAS, visit