New Book From Connect the Dots Consulting Helps Companies Find, Hire, and Develop Talent

COLUMBUS, Ohio – May 21, 2015 – Connect the Dots Consulting, a firm that helps leaders and HR professionals build solutions to address business challenges, has released a new book, The Talent Selection and Onboarding Tool Kit: How to Find, Hire, and Develop the Best of the Best by Erika Lamont and Anne Bruce – demonstrating that the key to an organization’s success is finding the right people at the right time.

How do HR professionals or managers support a dynamic organization with demanding leadership while also being under pressure to deliver results in a way that is simple, fast, and effective? They need to find and hire the right talent that will be able to hit the ground running and achieve an organization’s goals.

In the war for talent, the last company standing is always the one that finds the best employees and integrates them quickly and effectively into the organization.

Talent selection, recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding have changed so much over the last few years. Yet there are tried-and-true methods that HR professionals keep coming back to for results. The talent pools have also changed – along with expectations – so it is critical that organizations are able to keep up with these moving targets so they can meet their talent needs.

“The Talent Selection and Onboarding Pocket Tool Kit provides relevant and easy-to-apply ideas and strategies for anyone who is hiring and onboarding talent in their organizations,” says Erika Lamont, Partner of Connect the Dots Consulting. “New hires expect much of their prospective employers and are making decisions about whether they want to join or stay with organizations from those very early interactions.”

“The rise of social media and our increasingly interconnected world has changed the face of recruiting, hiring and onboarding over the past years, and it’s critical to stay current and be able to tap into the best talent that the market has to offer.” Lamont adds, “this guide acts as a ‘tool kit’ enabling you to pull out what you need for your situation and use it effectively.”

Company leaders will find the tools they need to select, recruit, interview, and onboard every kind of employee–from Next-ers and Millennials to Baby Boomers and nontraditional workers.

Packed with strategies, tactics, and tips that an organization can use right away, The Talent Selection and Onboarding Pocket Tool Kit gives them instant access to create a powerful workforce that will launch their company to the top.

This book is now available for purchase from Amazon.

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